DJ Priya's Diwali playlist

DJ and partygoers

Ahead of her takeover at White City Studio, the selector and producer has put together a compilation full of bootleg remixes, classic bhangra tunes, and contemporary big hitters

By Anish Patel

‘It wouldn’t be Diwali without music,’ says DJ Priya, the Brighton-based selector and producer at the forefront of a thriving new music scene for the South Asian diaspora. Over the past year, she’s been busy performing at Mixmag, 180 House and The Lab London, as well as presenting on the BBC’s Asian Network and Woman’s Hour. This Friday, she’ll be performing at White City Studio with her DJ friends, Gracie T, Shivum Sharma and D-Lish for a Diwali takeover party. Expect garage and bhangra mash-ups, baile funk, dembow and nostalgic Desi R&B tunes amid a skyline of fireworks (big up west London’s South Asian demographic).

To celebrate the festival of light, and ahead of her night at Soho House, Priya has put together a playlist to help you get into the spirit of things. ‘I wanted to create a party playlist that had some feel-good songs, some classics, some producers that I’m friends with, and new tunes that I’ve been vibing,’ she tells us. ‘Some of these songs bring back really fond memories. We used to rinse this bootleg CD that my dad had when I was growing up, and as soon as I think of Diwali, it takes me back to driving around with my dad and picking up sweets, snacks, and fireworks.’

How does she normally celebrate the Indian new year? ‘Growing up, my family and I used to cook meals together and do fireworks. But to be honest, I’ve spent the past few years celebrating with my partner and a couple friends who I consider family. We’ve been creating our own newer traditions – Diwali is whatever you make it.’ 

To listen to the playlist, click here.

DJs performing in saris
'Gracie T has been a real inspiration to me. We both play in our cultural clothes and it's so sweet when people come to our shows dressed in them too.'
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