Behind The Track: Jordan Mackampa, ‘Proud Of You’

Behind The Track: Jordan Mackampa, ‘Proud of You’ | Soho House

We caught up with the singer-songwriter just after his Soho Rising performance at Shoreditch House, in partnership with Bowers & Wilkins

Wednesday 3 January 2024  By Yasemin Celepi

Best known for his smooth, soulful sound, Jordan Mackampa has been making waves in the British music scene since the release of his debut album back in 2020. Born in the Republic of Congo, the artist came to London in 1995; he attributes his experiences as a young immigrant as inspiration for much of the music he creates today.
For as long as he can remember, Mackampa was singing gospel music in church, which he attended regularly with his family. At the age of 12, he picked up a guitar and began composing his own songs, inspired by those he heard each week. Still now, gospel influences can be heard throughout his music, threaded through his first album Foreigner and appearing on his latest single ‘Proud Of You’, which was released earlier this year.  
Following a recent set at Shoreditch House, we caught up with Mackampa to dive into the details of his new track. In contrast to his previous songs, which take an outward look at the world around him, ‘Proud Of You’ offers an introspective examination of the musician’s past.

Behind The Track: Jordan Mackampa, ‘Proud of You’ | Soho House
Behind The Track: Jordan Mackampa, ‘Proud of You’ | Soho House

While his perspective may have shifted, the track remains true to his signature musical style: textured sounds that are a combination of R&B, soul, funk and gospel. For Mackampa, this fusion is something akin to how a ‘Marvin Gaye, Jazmine Sullivan, Curtis Mayfield, Tyler Grey and Frank Ocean baby would sound.’
Among the rich piano and violin sounds, Mackampa’s vocals tell an intricate story. The song’s lyrics speak to his inner child, connecting with something he ‘had been avoiding for a long time’, confronting his experiences as a young boy, both the good and bad. Like most of his music, it’s an expressive piece – but writing it was a particularly cathartic process for the artist. ‘I felt like just addressing everything that we’ve been through together up until now and just being like, yeah, it was a lot, but we’re still here,’ he says.
With his next album Welcome Home, Kid! set for release in February, Mackampa is certainly one to watch.
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