Amrit's playlist to keep the Summer of Love alive


The DJ, dating expert and West Hollywood member’s soundtrack to an endless summer

By Abigail Hirsch   Photography by Dumbo House member Paris Mumpower

Amrit wants to help you find love – or at least craft a response to keep the banter going. With a viral series, Ask Amrit, on IGTV and a NTWRK show called Unhinged, the DJ-turned-dating expert shares her unfiltered approach to connection through love and music. Photographer and Dumbo House member Paris Mumpower shot Amrit in the screening room at Soho House West Hollywood. Below, she shares some dating wisdom and how love can be a bit manic (and why that's a good thing).

What does Summer of Love mean to you?
‘It’s about loving and living with all your heart. Suns out, buns out, baby! But seriously, summer isn’t just a season. You can still chase the sun in the winter; summer is forever.’


You’ve become a dating guru on social media, and through your shows Unhinged and Ask Amrit –what’s your personal philosophy when it comes to love and dating?
‘What have you got to lose? Life is short and time is the biggest luxury we have. You miss someone, tell them. You have a crush, ask them out. You feel alone, try something different. We only miss the shots we don’t take. All we can do is our best. When we don’t try new things, we get caught up repeating the same old stories. 

‘That’s why I don’t like the idea of a “type” – your type didn’t work out for you in the past and there’s a reason why. Life is about writing new stories, not reliving different versions of the same ones.’

What do you think is the key to maintaining connection in this changing world?
‘For some, the pandemic served as a reset in focusing on the things that matter most. As we return to a new normal, I hope we remember to stay connected and present. For me, that looks like setting healthy boundaries between work and play, and trying to be mindful of how much time I spend on my phone.’


Tell us about your playlist.
‘I had so much fun making it. There’s no genre, style, rhyme or reason. It’s a little manic (like me, and kind of like love). There’s the good days, the heartbreaks, the unforgettables, and the nostalgic feelings that stay with you forever. I hope – wherever you are – that this playlist accompanies you on some fun new adventures.’

Name some of your favourite lyrics from this playlist.
‘I love the lyrics in the song “Teardrops” by Womack & Womack. The lines “and the music don’t feel like it did when I felt it with you” and “footsteps on the dance floor, reminds me baby of you” are such visceral descriptions of seeing and feeling a specific person in everything you see and do. Nothing was the same and everything was different.’

Listen to Amrit’s Summer of Love playlist here.

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