House Tip: Make Bastani milk with Ciera Tavana

A cocktail of vegan milk on a light blue background

The Atlanta-based City Without Houses member and founder of wellness community, Muse, shares her recipe for the Persian drink that’s infused with saffron and cardamom

By Olivia Atkins

Ayurvedic practitioner, Ciera Tavana, provides her go-to recipe for the warm spiced milk that works to stimulate better health.

10oz non-dairy milk (hemp, almond or coconut) 
10 strands of saffron, steeped in hot water for one to five minutes, which acts as a mood enhancer
1 tsp cardamom
1 tsp cinnamon, for improved digestion and regulated blood sugar
½ tbsp rose water (optional)
1 tsp vanilla, to create a fuller flavour without the need for added sugar or fat
1 tsp beetroot or pitaya powder
½ tbsp honey or maple syrup 
Pinch of salt 
Edible flowers, optional for garnish

A pot (cast iron is best for added minerals)
One small bowl, to steep the saffron
A whisk, to stir and froth the milk 

1. Prep: gather your ingredients and measure out portions – see the ingredients list for one serving of 8oz.

2. Warm: slowly heat the milk in a pot or milk steamer on a low to medium heat, while steeping the saffron in hot water. Keep stirring the milk, so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom.   

3. Mix: add the saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, rose water (optional), vanilla, and beetroot or pitaya powder (for a beautiful pinkish colour and added vitamin C). Then, season with salt, and add the honey or maple syrup to taste. Whisk to create a froth. 

4. Mood: my grandmother used to say of saffron, ‘Don’t take too much or you’ll die from laughing.’ Saffron stabilises your mood by balancing all three doshas (responsible for a person’s physiological, mental, and emotional health), and increases digestive fire and metabolism. It also controls blood- sugar levels and stimulates blood flow to reduce menstrual cramps and support erectile function.

5. Pour and drink: slowly pour the mixture into a glass or ceramic vessel. Garnish with rose petals, saffron strands and/ or edible flowers to activate your senses.

Tip: having Bastani milk in the morning with a teaspoon of maca powder will boost your mood, energy, and sexual health. At night, add a teaspoon of ashwagandha powder to ease you into a deep sleep and help relieve stress.

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