House Tip: Make your own twisted candles with Klara Risberg

Stylish twisted candles

The Swedish recipe developer and all-round homemaker shares her secrets for making DIY candles

By Olivia Atkins

Klara Risberg, caterer, food photographer and Shoreditch House member, turns her hand to candle-making and provides tips for making your home feel cosier. 

What you need
Candles – remember to use only stearin or paraffin wax candles
A vase or jar big enough to fit your candles 
A smooth tray or a board
Hot water


1. Choose the candles you’d like to twist, making sure they’re made of either stearin or paraffin
2. Put the candles in a vase or jar and top with hot water (not boiling). Let the candles sit for 15 to 20 minutes. 
3. Working with one candle at a time, take it out of the water and flatten the part you want to twist, then gently twist using your fingers. Tip: if you are shaping standing candles, place them in a bowl of ice-cold water immediately after shaping so they hold their shape. 
4. Leave the candles to cool and set completely, before placing them in your holders. Enjoy!
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