House Tip: How to make an allergy-reducing nettle infusion with Heather Barnes

A cup of tea amongst some plants and flowers with a book on a duvet

The Soho House Austin member and food photographer teaches us how to make a natural hay fever remedy

By Olivia Atkins

The food photographer and blogger behind Mrs. Barnes shares her favourite hay fever and allergy relief recipe using stinging nettles. She explains the medicinal benefits of nettles, and demonstrates how to make this simple yet effective brew.

1 oz dried or fresh stinging nettles (dried is easier to use)
Honey for sweetening
Boiling water

Kitchen scales
A four quart jar
A strainer


1. Weigh out the stinging nettles, then add them to the four quart jar with the honey.
2. Fill the jar with boiling water and stir to release the infusions of all the ingredients. Set aside for four hours to steep.
3. Strain the liquid through a fine-mesh strainer and serve it hot or cold, as you prefer. You can drink your infusion throughout the day. For the best allergy support, make this one up to three or four times a week.; @mrs.barnes

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