Take your seat at The Table – it’s open at 40 Greek Street now

The Table lands at 40 Greek Street for one month only | Soho House

Don’t miss your chance to savour the Japanese-inspired pop-up from chef Joe Hill

Thursday 2 March 2023    By Soho House   Photography by Charlie Tucker

In a full-circle moment, Joe Hill has brought his restaurant – The Table – to 40 Greek Street. Hill spent most of the formative years of his career training in Soho House kitchens, from Dean Street Townhouse to Shoreditch House and (naturally) 40 Greek Street. Now, the culinary expert is back throughout March. Expect Japanese izakaya-style small plates, paired with cocktails and natural wine. 

To celebrate, we caught up with Chef Joe about his journey and culinary style – scroll on for the full interview. 

The Table lands at 40 Greek Street for one month only | Soho House
The Table lands at 40 Greek Street for one month only | Soho House
How does it feel being back in the 40 Greek Street kitchen after all these years?
‘Really weird actually. Soho House was a massive part of my career. It’s great to see some old faces and make some fantastic new friends too. I worked with some unbelievable teams and chefs while I was here, and still have many close friends from the old days.’ 
Tell us about your journey to becoming a chef?
‘I did a year at college but hated it, so I left and got a job in a pub In Mayfair. I worked my way up and did the London restaurant scene, taking in as much as possible. I didn’t let having one hand stand in my way – it made me more determined and stubborn, actually.

‘I worked at Dean Street Townhouse, Greek Street, then Shoreditch House; then I moved to work with Gordon Ramsay. After a few executive chef roles, I started a consulting business. After that, it felt like the right time to open The Table.’ 
What inspired you to become a chef?
‘I was actually a DJ – my ex told me I had to get a “real job”. I loved cooking and food. My mum lived in Japan, so she brought me up on amazing Japanese and Asian cuisine, and my dad was also a good cook. It was what I was passionate about. So that’s what I did.’ 
What was it about Broadstairs that made you want to open The Table there?

‘After I left Shoreditch House, we were ready to get out of London. I’m born and bred in London, but I was longing to get out of the city and live by the sea. I also wanted my kids to grow up outside London, on the beach or in the countryside. 
‘I’d never heard of Broadstairs before we came to Kent, but we loved it. The schools are great; the beaches are beautiful – me and my partner Jenny fell in love with it straight away. Also, it felt like the right place to open a restaurant. Margate was already cool, but we felt Broadstairs needed a bit of cool too.’
The Table lands at 40 Greek Street for one month only | Soho House
The Table lands at 40 Greek Street for one month only | Soho House

How would you describe The Table to someone trying it for the first time?
‘Japanese small plates, izakaya-style. Great cocktails and natural wine, good vibes and loud music.’ 
Do you have any stand-out dishes you’re particularly proud of?
‘My Soft-Shell Crab Tacos always went down well; our Fried Tofu with XO Sauce and Soy-Cured Egg Yolk was also a crowd pleaser.’
Where do you find inspiration when you’re developing new dishes?
 ‘Cook books, social media, art – I really like looking at quite old recipes or dishes and trying to elevate them or make them more modern and sexier.’ 
What have been some of the most significant boundaries you’ve overcome since opening your own restaurant?
‘We’re such a small restaurant – just 18 covers – and we’ve been really busy since getting a great review in The Sunday Times. Trying to manage the place and keep the menu fresh has been challenging for me. It’s also hard on Jenny and the kids with me working a lot.’ 
What does the future hold for The Table?
‘Hopefully we’re going to find a larger venue, but keep that one quiet. We’re going to do a few pop-up collaborations and supper clubs around the UK and maybe abroad.’

The pop-up is open now. Book your seat at The Table on the SH.APP.  

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