SoloSam makes Emma McKee’s breakfast bagel sandwich

Soho Chance: Solo Sam Episode 2 | Soho House

The producer and chef shares the Soho House Chicago kitchen with the cross stitch artist for the second episode of his House Special series

Wednesday 5 October 2022 By Soho House Video by Patrick McClanahan

SoloSam is a multi-talented rising artist in Chicago. When he isn’t creating music, he can be found in the kitchen, which has led him to his new venture with Soho House called House Special. In this limited series, he dives into multiple dishes while interviewing a variety of Chicago talent. Tune in to see what makes these creatives tick while learning some new recipes. 

In the second episode of the series, our host SoloSam brings cross stitch artist Emma McKee into the Soho House Chicago kitchen to cook her breakfast bagel sandwich. Known around Chicago for her beautifully stitched pieces of wearable art, she has created stunning jackets for the likes of Saba, Kaytranada, and Chance the rapper. Watch as she breaks down her rise to the top, complex bartering system, and the best way to make a breakfast bagel sandwich.

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