How to make the ultimate Old Fashioned cocktail

How to make an Old Fashioned with Woodford Reserve | Soho House

Part of the annual farewell to summer is the inevitable break-up with our favourite warm-weather drinks. And while it’s a wrench to say goodbye to the cool, crisp finish of a glass of Provencal rosé or the sunset-inspired hues of an Aperol Spritz, there’s something to be said for autumn’s cocktail line-up. They’re an altogether darker, moodier bunch – and none is quite so dark, or so moody, as the Old Fashioned. 

With its stripped-back ingredients, there’s no room for summery silliness here: this is a Serious Drink for Serious Individuals, best enjoyed from a leather armchair in an oud-scented space, as you indulge in some intense brooding. Or in your PJs while you watch Netflix, whichever you prefer. 

As with all simple things, method is key – so, courtesy of our friends at Woodford Reserve, this is your guide to making the perfect Old Fashioned. 

2 dashes Angostura Bitters
12.5ml sugar syrup
50ml Woodford Reserve
1 orange

1. Put some ice in a barrel glass, then add the bitters, sugar syrup and bourbon.
2. Stir with a spoon until a little condensation forms on the glass.
3. Take a piece of orange peel, twist it over the top of your cocktail to infuse the aromas, then pop the skin down the side of the glass to act as a garnish.

If you feel so inclined, put your glass in the freezer for a little while beforehand to make it super cold.

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