How to cure your festive hangover the Soho House way

How to cure your festive hangover the Soho House way | Soho House

Here’s your one-stop shop to bouncing back after all of those celebrations – including the best things to eat, drink, watch and listen to, as selected by our global team

Tuesday 20 December 2022 By Soho House

As we roll into the last week of December, it’s time to admit that even the most resilient party people and serial socialites are not immune to seasonal hangovers. Whether you’re the one ordering countless rounds of Picantes at the bar, prefer to enjoy an Espresso Martini as a pick-me-up, or simply couldn’t say no to the fourth Christmas social this week, chances are you’re in need of a duvet day to recover.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together the ultimate Soho House first aid kit for hungover days, enlisting our global team of experts for their tips. From the best films and music to keep you entertained, to brunch and cocktails (hair of the dog-style), alongside wellness treatments and the most comforting House to visit if you do manage to leave your bed. 

Scroll down for recommendations – and don’t forget to revisit this on any subsequent hungover days to come.   

The best hungover film
Jo Addy, Group Film and Entertainment Director

Love Actually. But if you’re over Christmas films, then I would choose The Notebook. Who doesn’t love a good romantic story with the gorgeous Ryan Gosling and a good cry when you’re hungover?’

The best hair of the dog cocktail
Cyril Francoise, UK and EU Bar Manager

‘Obviously, Bloody Mary is the cure for every hangover. A vegetable base (to settle the stomach) with celery, tomatoes, olives, citrus and salt (to replenish lost electrolytes), and alcohol. It’ll be your best friend, and it still works a treat without the vodka.’ 

The comfort meal
Nathanial Tofan, UK Executive Chef 

‘I definitely have to say it’s eggs and a Bloody Mary for me. I think you need something greasy with a hangover, so I’d always go for a Full English. If you’re wanting something more on the healthy side, though, avocado on toast with eggs is always a winner. Research shows that avocados contain compounds that protect against liver damage. Since drinking in excess takes a toll on your liver, avocados may be especially beneficial for hangovers.’

The ultimate skincare 
Sarah Graham, Head of Communications

‘For some TLC the morning after, the Soho House Robe is a must; it’s like a fluffy cuddle and ideal now that it’s starting to get a bit colder. If the robe is a cuddle, then the Soho Skin 24/7 Treatment is the kiss of life for hungover, tired skin that lacks vitality. Lactic acid brightens, hyaluronic acid hydrates, while magnesium and ATP detoxify. This concentrated hit of goodness is like a green juice for the skin. If you remember to, apply it at the end of the night before you go to bed as an overnight mask. If, however, you’ve had too much fun and your head directly hits the pillow, then leave it on for 10 minutes the next day and let it work its restorative magic.’

The soothing soundtrack 
Dom Chung, Head of Music

‘Our own Soho House Morning Playlist is the perfect lazy music to soothe your head after a big festive night out.’ 

The House to visit 
Velma Simmons, Membership and Communications Director

‘Always Shoreditch House – with its lounge space and games and a good Dirty Burger, you can’t go wrong.’

The best wellness treatments 
Tilly Pearman, Wellness Editor

‘Let’s face it, hangovers get progressively worse as we age. That’s why, in my opinion, the “cures” need to equally raise their game. Standing up to this challenge is Rome’s newly released Wellness Day Programmes, and my personal favourite is: Rest & Recover. Essentially giving you a day spa experience, your programme grants you access to a mix of high-tech therapies (a 15-minute cryotherapy session and a 30-minute private infrared sauna), movement experiences (a gym class and 60-minute PT session) and a protein shake that can replace all of those essential nutrients that were likely lost last night. Trust me, for the ultimate detox and retox in one, this is the cure you need.’ 

By Janne Nurm, Head of NPD 

‘As alcohol increases inflammation in the body, you need to fast-track the anti-inflammatory processes. Two really good treatments are cryotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Cryotherapy involves being subjected to freezing air over a short period of time, which improves microcirculation, anti-inflammation markers in the body and your mood. A cold bath or shower is a great at-home alternative – just try to stay in there for at least one minute for increased benefits; you can build up the resistance over time to up to five minutes. 

‘The next-generation cure (and epigenetic bio hack) is hyperbaric oxygen therapy, where you’re put in a room with very high oxygen levels. This method is used to speed up the repair processes after serious accidents and even poisonings, as it helps to remove toxins and oxygenate your tissues – ideal to help with that Picante hangover.’

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