House Recipes: Superfood Rice Bowl

House recipes: Superfood rice bowl | Soho House

Found globally around our Houses, this fibre-packed recipe is easy to recreate at home

Saturday 22 April 2023   By Soho House

Our Superfood Rice Bowl is a balanced, plant-based dish that has it all: fibre, antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins, and healthy fats. As a firm favourite on our House menus around the world, we wanted to share the recipe so you can make it at home.

Feel free to make substitutions, as there’s no hard and fast rules when it comes to the ingredients themselves. For balance however, we do recommend a grain, a legume for protein, a few raw and cooked vegetables, (including leafy greens), and a delicious sauce. 

Superfood Rice Bowl

60g/ 2oz black rice
20g/ 0.7oz curly kale, sauteed
8g/ 0.2oz alfalfa sprouts
15g/ 0.5oz cucumber rounds
70g/ 2.4oz sauerkraut
30g/ 1oz carrots and courgettes, julienned 
½ avocado
2g/ 0.07oz toasted buckwheat
15ml/ 0.5fl oz lemon dressing
10ml/ 0.3fl oz extra virgin olive oil
1g/ 0.03oz Maldon sea salt
3 turns of black pepper
5g/ 0.17oz furikake

Lemon dressing 
15ml/ 0.5fl oz extra virgin olive oil
5ml/ 0.16fl oz lemon juice

Pumpkin seed aioli
40g/ 1.4oz pumpkin seeds 
10ml/ 0.3fl oz lemon juice
0.5g/ 0.01oz garlic cloves 
2g/ 0.07oz fine sea salt 
20ml/ 0.6fl oz extra virgin olive oil
3g/ 0.1oz basil
3g/ 0.1oz parsley
30g/ 1oz avocado
4ml/ 0.1 fl oz lime juice

1. Prepare the pumpkin seed aioli first by soaking your pumpkin seeds for two hours.
2. Once soaked, combine them with the remaining ingredients and blend together until a smooth paste is formed. Season if needed. 
3. Next, cook the rice. Then, get your serving bowl and spoon in some of the pumpkin aioli.
4. Place the rice and all of the other toppings in separate mounds. 
5. Dress the bowl with olive oil and the lemon dressing.
6. Garnish with furikake.