House Recipes: Grilled Prawns with yuzu kosho vinaigrette and kaffir lime yoghurt

House Recipe: Grilled prawns with yuzu kosho vinaigrette and kaffir yoghurt | Soho House

Spicy, acidic and fragrant, this Soho Warehouse summer favourite only takes minutes to make

Saturday 15 April 2023   By Soho House

The spicy, salty and floral all-purpose condiment, yuzu kosho, is the ultimate flavour enhancer to pair with prawns. Over at Soho Warehouse in Downtown LA, we use Selva black tiger prawns nurtured by mangrove forests, but any well-sourced fresh ones will do. 

The kaffir lime yoghurt helps to temper the spicy richness of the vinaigrette, creating a perfectly balanced dish that’s ideal for al-fresco lunches and dinners in the evening sun. 

To try it at Soho Warehouse, head to the app to book a table on the rooftop terrace. If you’d like to recreate it at home, scroll down below for the recipe. 

Grilled Prawns with yuzu kosho vinaigrette and kaffir lime yoghurt

3 large prawns (heads on)
45ml/ 1.52fl oz red yuzu kosho vinaigrette 
30g/ 1oz kaffir lime yoghurt
5 mint sprig tops
Sea salt flakes

Yuzu kosho vinaigrette
250g/ 8.8oz red yuzu kosho
130ml/ 4.3fl oz yuzu juice
108ml/ 3.6fl oz rice vinegar
36ml/  1.2fl oz mirin
28ml/ 0.94 fl oz fish sauce
22g/ 0.7oz honey
473ml/ 16fl oz blended oil
Salt to taste

Kaffir lime yoghurt
2g/ 0.07oz kaffir lime leaves
200g/ 7oz Greek yoghurt, strained
5g/ 0.17oz honey
Salt to taste

1. To make the yuzu kosho vinaigrette, add all the ingredients (except the oil) to a blender. Blend the mixture at a medium-high speed, while very slowly adding the oil to emulsify. 
2. Season the vinaigrette with salt, adjusting to your taste.
3. For the kaffir lime yoghurt, fold the lime leaves in half along the stem, removing and discarding the stems.
4. Fry the leaves in a medium-high heat fryer, making sure they don’t turn brown. Once fried, remove and place on a tray lined with paper towels.
5. Once slightly cooled, put the lime leaves, Greek yoghurt, honey and salt into a mixing bowl. Mix until all of the ingredients are well incorporated. 
6. In a bowl, add the prawns and marinate them with 30ml of the yuzu kosho vinaigrette.
7. Then, season them with salt and grill on a hot pan or barbecue until cooked through.
8. To serve, spoon and spread a couple of tablespoons of the yoghurt onto a serving plate, placing the prawns on top.
9. Drizzle 15ml of the vinaigrette onto the prawns.
10. Garnish with mint sprigs and sea salt flakes.