The Weekend Recipe: Grilled Arctic Char

Soho Cooks: Grilled Artic Char | Soho House

Straight from Soho House Stockholm, this Nordic dish deserves a top spot on dinner menus all winter

Saturday 10 December 2022   By Soho House

This weekend’s recipe comes straight from Soho House Stockholm, which opens soon, courtesy of chef Hakan Carlsson. Arctic Char is a cold-water fish native to alpine lakes, and arctic and subarctic coastal waters; the one served in Soho House Stockholm comes from Lake Landösjön in Northern Sweden. This dish is sophisticated, yet makes the most of the flavours and the quality ingredients – ideal for a winter dinner party. 

Grilled Arctic Char with fried broccolini, beurre blanc, trout roe and chives

Serves four 


4 char fillets
8 pieces of broccolini (Bellaverde variety)
1 piece of fennel
Olive oil 
Champagne vinegar
A few sprigs of dill

For the butter sauce

100ml white wine vinegar
100ml white wine
100ml double cream
1 shallot, sliced 
5 whole white peppercorns
5g corn starch
200g unsalted butter
50g of trout roe
20g chives, finely chopped
Salt and pepper


1. To make the butter sauce, boil the white wine vinegar, white wine and cream together with the shallot and white peppercorns, so that half remains. Then, strain the reduction. 
2. Whisk in the corn starch and butter a little at a time so that it binds with the reduction. Keep the sauce warm, but don’t let it boil. When you’re ready to serve, add the trout roe and chives. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
3. Next, mix the fennel with some olive oil, Champagne vinegar and dill.
4. To prepare the fish, trim off the white belly fat and cut off the narrow part of the tail so that it’s symmetrical, like a rectangle.
5. Salt the fish and grill it skin side down so that it becomes crispy (about two minutes on the skin side and one minute on the meat side).
6. Fry the broccolini until it’s golden brown and season with salt.
7. To serve, spread plenty of the sauce on the bottom of a hot plate. Place the fish in the middle with the skin side up, then arrange the broccolini on top.
8. Finish with the fennel salad and serve with dill boiled potatoes. If you want to upgrade the dish, add half a grilled lobster tail per portion.