10 After 10: 10 new House cocktails for 10 ‘bucks’ after 10pm

10 After 10: 10 new House cocktails for 10 ‘bucks’ after 10pm | Soho House

Discover why it’s not all about the Picante with our cocktail selection for the nightcrawlers

Tuesday 24 May 2022    By Anastasiia Fedorova

At Soho House, we love a late night. In fact, we thrive during out of office hours. A selection of our Houses is open until 3am for all the nightcrawlers with an insatiable need for entertainment, late dinners, music, and drinks. And when it comes to the latter, there’s one more reason to get excited. This spring, we’re introducing 10 After 10: across the Houses, you’ll find 10 signature cocktails for £10/ $10/ €10 after 10pm. Stay for a nightcap and see why it’s not – can you believe it – all about the Picante.   

Our House cocktails have always been an essential ingredient in the member experience – whether it’s to decompress after a long day of meetings or throw some fuel on the party’s fire. Wherever you are in the world, you can always rely on the pleasure of that first sip – the cocktail menu is designed for the Houses globally, a perfect blend of classics and House-made gems. 

So, what made the 10 After 10 cut? 

‘I chose these drinks as they’re already a popular choice with our members and they’re classic cocktails. The classics are always popular, and members have a good understanding of quality and consistency,’ says Tom Kerr, Soho House Global Beverage Director. He admits his personal favourite is the Amass Daisy. ‘It’s a dry-style cocktail that I really love. The balance between the three ingredients – Amass vodka, lemon and Curaçao – works perfectly.’ 

Overall, 10 After 10 offers a variety of House takes on classics like the Aperol Spritz, Negroni or Gin Rickey, which is a punchy mix of Bombay Sapphire gin, lime and soda – and cocktails developed by the global team. Whiskey Highball is a refined combination of velvety Dewar’s 12 year old whisky, vanilla and soda; Rose Americano is an elegant mix of Aperol, rose aperitif and seltzer; Tommy’s Margarita is a salty, sweet and sour party hit made with Gran Centenario Plata tequila. The rest you will have to discover on your next late-night visit. Whether you’re travelling or relaxing at your local House, 10pm is the new aperitivo hour.  

The 10 After 10 menu is available in our Houses across Europe, the US and the UK – after 10pm every cocktail is €10, $10, and £10 respectively. 

10 After 10: 10 new House cocktails for 10 ‘bucks’ after 10pm | Soho House
10 After 10: 10 new House cocktails for 10 ‘bucks’ after 10pm | Soho House
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