The UK’s biggest drag queens on what Pride means to them

Cheryl Hole, Vanity Milan and Kitty Scott-Claus on Pride | Soho House

We caught up with Cheryl Hole, Vanity Milan and Kitty Scott-Claus at Brighton Beach House Pride party to learn what makes them feel proud (and what they really think of RuPaul)

Tuesday 9 August 2022    By George Serventi

To mark the return of Brighton Pride – and the parade’s 30th anniversary – we united two British institutions to create an unforgettable trip for members at Brighton Beach House.
Taking over Belmond’s British Pullman train, Drag Race UK alumni Cheryl Hole, Vanity Milan and Kitty Scott-Claus cracked jokes and popped Champagne bottles as members sat back and enjoyed the ride. On the way back to London, we caught up with the trio.
What did you learn on Drag Race UK?
Cheryl Hole: ‘The thing I learnt the most from the show is that we can just be our authentic silly selves. Lots of queens around the world like to hold themselves with prestige and glamour, and we really didn’t care, we were just going to be us.’
Vanity Milan: ‘We got to be very unapologetically us, very British.’
Kitty Scott-Claus: ‘Also, we learnt that RuPaul is very tall.’
What’s one piece of advice you would give your younger self?
VM: ‘Live life to the fullest and don’t take any sh*t, because you are the queen of the world.’
CH: ‘Just remind yourself every day that you are a star.’
KSC: ‘Find the joy in everything and crack open the Prosecco.’
What does Pride mean to you?
KSC: ‘Living your best life. Laughing like there’s no tomorrow and loving everyone. Live, laugh, love.’
VM: ‘Pride to me is a celebration of how far we’ve come and how far we have to go.’
CH: ‘For me, it’s all about bringing together this community full of vibrance love and passion, and really reminding everyone that we’re not going anywhere. We’re standing proud and we are who we are.’
KSC: ‘Standing proud in a high heel.’
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