Soho House x Porsche presents Highway to House

Soho House x Porsche presents Highway to House

To celebrate 20 years of our North American clubs, we collaborated with the car brand for a US road trip with travel hotspots chosen by our members. Buckle up for episode one…

Thursday 27 July 2023   By Soho House   Directed by Danny Chan   Produced by Kevin Cheung   Service production by Holly Harding   Photography direction by Dallas Sterling   Editing by Louise Robinson   Music by Max Phillips   Sound design and mixing by Beresford Cookman   Colour by Megan Lee

Shaped by our Soho House community, we set off on a North American road trip, driving from House to House for the 20th birthday of our US-based clubs. We hit the road in a Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid, travelling from Downtown LA to New York, stopping at member-recommended hotspots in between. 

Jarren Barboza, Pro BMX rider, packed his bike in the boot and took the wheel for the adventure. Using the Connect function on the Soho House app, he got in touch with other members on the way, picking up local tips on popular eateries, iconic sites, famous skate parks, and more weird and wonderful places on each leg of the journey. 

Based in Los Angeles, we picked him up at Soho Warehouse for the first part of the journey to Austin. 

Here’s our recommended route from Los Angeles to Sedona. 



Soho House x Porsche presents Highway to House
Soho House x Porsche presents Highway to House
Soho House x Porsche presents Highway to House
Above: a pit stop at Grasshopper Point in Sedona


‘Jarren Barboza, Pro BMX rider, packed his bike in the boot and took the wheel for the adventure’

Soho Warehouse
1000 S Santa Fe Avenue, Los Angeles

Spanning seven floors, the spacious interior and rooftop pool make Soho Warehouse in Downtown LA a great place to get ready for a long trip. Following a deep sleep in a peaceful room, the state-of-the-art gym, and sauna/ steam room facilities will mentally prepare yourself for the drive (or the long journey if you’re a passenger). It’s a hit with the LA locals for its health-conscious offerings, and you can see why. A nourishing smoothie or breakfast bowl made from local produce is just what you need before you set off – they’ll fuel until the next stop and are simply delicious. 

Book here 

Bread Lounge, bakery and coffee house 
700 S Santa Fe Avenue, Los Angeles 

Bread Lounge practices the art of baking in the Arts District. This is a bakery that cherishes the craft – every loaf is handmade with the goods freshly made every day, and the smell proves it. The recipes are inspired by European traditions with Mediterranean flavours, and while they’re great to grab on the go with a take-away coffee, if you do choose to sit in, you’ll have the joy of watching the bakers work their magic.

Find out more about Bread Lounge here  

Spotting desert dust devils
Sonoran Desert 

The Sonoran Desert spans California and Arizona, and if you manage to spot a dust devil you have two choices: stop and take a video, or run and jump in your car. A distinctive part of the Californian landscape, standing in this vast space puts you right in the middle of the impressive panorama. And even if you only manage to the drive through it, the views are well worth it. 

Soho House x Porsche presents Highway to House
Above: spotting dust devils in the Sonoran Desert

Candy’s Creekside Cottage, Antiques and Collectibles
2130 E Beaver Creek Road, Arizona 

A place that could only be described as quirky, Candy’s Creekside Cottage sells antiques and collectibles. Every inch of this local gem is an experience – a sign on the wall states: ‘This is NOT a museum, this junk is for sale!’ With so much character, it’s understandable how passers-by could confuse the place for a museum. While the vintage china, antique furniture and old cars and carts are worth making the trip for, the real treasure is Candy herself. Warm and welcoming, if you have a chat with her, she’ll give you more local spots for your travels and brighten up your day. 

Find Candy’s Creekside Cottage here

Grasshopper Point
N State Route 89A, Sedona, Arizona 

In the canyons of Sedona, Grasshopper Point is a great spot to take a break from your journey, admire the views and go for a dip in the emerald-green waters. The large swimming hole is nestled at the base of Oak Creek Canyon and surrounded by rust-coloured rocks, which many use for fishing, hiking and picnicking. But if you were to head over without having a swim in the clear waters, you’d be doing yourself an injustice. 

Stay tuned for episode two… 

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Watch episode two here.

Soho House x Porsche presents Highway to House
Above: taking a break at Soho Warehouse in Downtown LA