Creative Sensemaker: What to read, watch and listen to this weekend

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By Matt d’Ancona

Welcome to the latest Creative Sensemaker from Tortoise Media.

‘How do you make somebody want to live?’ asks Dave Chappelle in an episode of his podcast series, The Midnight Miracle. ‘Is there something you can do for someone like that? Seriously – if someone you love was actually slowly killing themselves, what do you do?’

To this, his fellow presenter, Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def), who has been reminiscing poignantly about his friend, Amy Winehouse, has no glib answer. But the heaviness of heart with which he recalls the late singer and her addictions is moving. ‘She was in the zone one night, and we were staying in the same hotel… She said: “I just want to hang out with you”, and we kicked it, came back to my room and she whipped out this aluminium foil situation and I was like, “What is that?”, and she was like, “It’s gear.”

‘And I’d never been up close to someone doing hard drugs like that, and I felt like it was better for me to be that oasis for her, because it was crazy around her… She was at the height of her success and she was on one… God bless our beloved ones.’

To mark the 10th anniversary of Winehouse’s death, her family and friends have collaborated in a new documentary Reclaiming Amy (BBC Two, 23 July, 9pm). Her mother Janis and father Mitchell are interviewed extensively; their clear purpose being to provide a more nuanced account of her life and tribulations, and to correct what they regard as the errors of the many books and films that have appeared about her in the past deca