Struggling to pick a Pride outfit? These LGBTQIA+ brands have you covered

Pride: What to wear | Soho House

Whatever you do, don’t turn up wearing a rainbow flag T-shirt from a fast-fashion megalith. Trust us on this one

Wednesday 4 August 2022 By Teo van den Broeke

This weekend, Soho House is hosting a range of high-octane Pride events, from the Milkshake Pride party at Soho House Amsterdam to the Bimini-hosted 30th anniversary of Pride event at Brighton Beach House in the UK.

Maybe you’re attending one. Perhaps you’re attending both. Or maybe you’re just planning on being proud from the comfort of your back garden with some pals and a homemade Picante or five. Wherever you plan on being and whatever you intend to do to demonstrate your pride this weekend, you need to dress (up) accordingly.

Enter the world’s most exciting LGBTQIA+-owned brands. The fabric and thread antithesis of the rainbow-clad Pride ‘collaboration’ collections occasionally pedalled out by brands, these grassroots labels produce beautiful clothes that are unimpeachable embodiments of bold, brilliant pride.

Pride: What to wear | Soho House

1. The tank
Ludovic Saint Sernin

It’s warm, you’ve got a hot summer bod to show off, you need a tank. Arch-prince of syrupy Gallic-infused sex gear Ludovic Saint Sernin is your man. This Swarovski crystal tank will look excellent worn with some equally slinky flares or, indeed, a skirt. It’ll also look great worn on its own, which is what Saint Sernin would want (probably).

Tank top by Ludovic Saint Sernin, £126,

Pride: What to wear | Soho House

2. The shirt

Purple, flowers and Muumuu-esque proportions. French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus has the marketed cornered in playful high-summer separates – this brilliantly loud and proud shirt being a psychedelic case in point.

Shirt by Jacquemus, £237,

Pride: What to wear | Soho House

3. The boots
Harris Reed

Fluid British-American designer Harris Reed has made a name for himself dressing everyone from Harry Styles (in a ball gown) to Beyoncé (in a headdress). The Harris Reed signature piece is undoubtedly his Platform H-boot, designed in collaboration with Roker. Wear a pair of these and you’ll stomp in pride.

Boots by Harris Reed x Roker, £2,600,

Pride: What to wear | Soho House

4. The necklace
Automic Gold

Crafted from 14-karat sustainable and recycled gold, this ‘Bound Together’ necklace is by Automic Gold, a queer, trans-owned business founded by genderqueer jeweller, Al. Perhaps unsurprisingly, all the jewellery in the collection is genderless.

Necklace by Automic Gold, £240,

Pride: What to wear | Soho House

5. The bag
Telfar Global

Queer Liberian-American designer Telfar Clemens has been the darling of New York’s fashion scene since he founded his label in 2005. His embossed leather bags with the ultra-identifiable Telfar insignia, are instant sell-outs whenever they hit his online store. So good luck getting one in time for Pride.

Bag by Telfar, £468,

Pride: What to wear | Soho House

6. The denim jacket
Daniel W. Fletcher

Celebrated British designer Daniel Fletcher is the founder and creative director of his eponymous brand in addition to being the creative overseer at heritage Italian label Fiorucci. He is best known for his graphic takes on denim pieces – case in point this super-cute jacket.

Jacket by Daniel W. Fletcher, £390,

Pride: What to wear | Soho House

7. The dress
Chet Lo

Worn by everyone from Doja Cat to Kendall Jenner, London-based designer Chet Lo’s futuristic body-con 3D pieces have made the 25-year-old a global fashion superstar, and for good reason. Wear this dress forever.

Dress by Chet Lo, £1,080,

Pride: What to wear | Soho House

8. The hoodie
No Sesso

The Italian term ‘No Sesso’ translates into ‘no sex’ or ‘no gender’. Founded by Los Angeles-based designer Pierre Davis in 2015, throw on this hoodie – emblazoned with the brand’s insignia – when the sun goes down on your own personal Pride parade.

Hoodie by No Sesso, £123,

Pride: What to wear | Soho House

9. The swim gear 
Humankind Swim

Founded by queer LA native Haily Marzullo, Humankind is a brand that specialises in genderless, body-positive swimwear. Designed with a little extra stretch and super-quick drying, they’re perfect for a post-Pride dip.

Trunks by Humankind Swim, £45,

Pride: What to wear | Soho House

10. The butt hankey

Spanish designer Archie Alled Martinez takes a bold, inclusivity-driven approach to design. Nominated for this year’s LVMH Prize, this rolled handkerchief should be worn in your back pocket – a knowing reference to the so-called ‘hanky code’ of the 1970s, which demonstrated your orientation to those in the know.

Handkerchief by Alled-Martinez, £83,

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