From workshops to parties – celebrate Holi at Soho House Mumbai

From workshops to parties – celebrate Holi at Soho House Mumbai | Soho House

We’re ringing in the Festival of Colours Soho House-style this year

Friday 3 March 2023   By Janhavi Desai

There’s plenty to celebrate throughout the month of March, starting off with one of the biggest Hindu festivals of the year. Also known as the Festival of Colours, Holi is among the most well-known events in India. It marks the beginning of summer and is also symbolic of the triumph of good over evil. 

Celebrations traditionally begin on the evening before Holi with the burning of large pyres to signify the riddance of evil spirits. Then on the day of the festival itself everyone comes together to play. Revellers dispatch dry colour powders from special water syringes – pichkaris – creating a riotous respite from the summer heat as the celebrations continue from day to night. 

The festival also includes indulging in traditional snacks and thandai – a summer drink prepared with a mixture of almonds, fennel seeds, rose petals, poppy seeds, pepper, cardamom, milk and sugar to keep the body cool while celebrating outdoors in the heat. And no Holi celebration is complete without some old-school Bollywood tracks and high-energy music for everyone to dance to under the blazing sun.

This year, Soho House Mumbai is hosting a 12-hour Tropical Holi Party on our Rooftop, where we’ll be switching out colour powders for vibrant fragrant flowers. With a relaxed dress code of beachwear and loungewear, there’ll be a selection of locally inspired cocktails, an exciting DJ line-up and plenty of activities for children and families to enjoy throughout the day.

Here’s how you can celebrate Holi at Soho House Mumbai

Tropical Holi Party
The line-up includes DJ Naveed (Bollywood), House residents Swap and Jeremy, Suggahunny (Afro, baile funk and hip-hop) and Tansane (hip-hop, house and dance). 

Tuesday 7 March,12pm-12am 

Tropical Holi: Mandala art therapy workshop
In this calming, meditative session, Uttara Merchant will teach you the fundamentals of creating your own mandala designs, including the use of shapes, colours, and textures to create a stunning and intricate work of art.

Tuesday 7 March, 2pm-3pm

Teeny House: Pet pebble workshop, Holi Edition
Explore your creativity using multiple colours to decorate a pebble of your choosing. Top with googly eyes and decorative items – you’ll leave with your very own ‘pet’ to cherish.

Tuesday 7 March, 2pm-4pm 

Full moon sound bath by Punita Kadam
Open your mind and heart to break the barriers and feel a sense of oneness with those around you as we dip into the multicoloured depths of our consciousness.

Tuesday 7 March, 7pm-9pm 

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