All about the Brighton Wellness Weekend

All about the Brighton Wellness Weekend | Soho House

With plant-based brunches, health talks and a rowing workshop with an Olympic athlete, see how the new wellbeing space at our UK coastal House was transformed

Is there anything more calming than time spent by the sea? At Brighton Beach House’s recent Wellness Weekend, we indulged in this with two days of total relaxation and rejuvenation by the coast. Last weekend, members enjoyed educational workshops and talks, exercise classes with leading trainers, morning sound baths and nutritious food – all against the backdrop of the English Channel.

The weekend was a celebration of the House’s new gym, which we opened in November 2023. The 12,000 sq ft space overlooks the sea, and features free weights and cardio areas with TechnoGym equipment, an infra-red sauna and steam room, and flow and strength studios for classes. There is also a bar and retail area where members can wind down with a coffee or post-workout shake.
Read on to discover all the highlights from the Brighton Wellness Weekend – and find out more about becoming a member of Brighton Beach House here.
Morning sound baths
Each day began with a sound bath. For early risers, this was hosted by shamanic practitioner Andreas Ragavelas at 8am, where members enjoyed the deeply relaxing sounds of a crystal singing bowl. This was followed by a more playful session for those looking for something a little different. The ‘Not Your Average Sound Bath’ was led by yoga instructor Renee Stewart, who helped members explore the power of breathwork and yoga, while Dan Whitlam provided a live soundtrack of music and spoken word. 

All about the Brighton Wellness Weekend | Soho House
All about the Brighton Wellness Weekend | Soho House
All about the Brighton Wellness Weekend | Soho House

The Rowing Clinic with James Cracknell x Muto
British rowing champion and Olympic medallist James Cracknell OBE joined members on Saturday afternoon to lead several rowing classes, hosted in the House’s recently opened gym. With just six to 10 members in each session, members received hands-on tips followed by a presentation from Cracknell about perfecting your technique. 
The future of nutrition talk
Popular with members, medical doctors and nutrition experts Dr Federica Amati, Dr Jenna Macciocchi and Dr Gemma Newman joined together for a conversation that went back to basics on nutrition and gut health. The trio discussed these issues from not just a medical perspective, but also a social one, and the conversation covered the gut microbiome, what constitutes a ‘healthy’ diet, ever-changing food trends, the evolution of health technology, and the role research plays in all of these topics.
Advance your practice yoga workshop with Briony Fisher

Yoga practitioner and founder of Breath Bend Believe, Briony Fisher, guided members through a 90-minute yoga class on Sunday morning, encouraging them to sit deeper into their poses, challenge themselves, and explore more deeply the connection between the mind and body. Sequences in the class focused on improving core strength, while Fisher also guided members through some tricky back bends, inversions and arm balances. 
HIIT class with Woz Whitely

Woz Whitely, movement director and founder of the Shred With Woz app, got attendees up on their feet for a burst of high-energy HIIT training in the House’s new gym studio, overlooking the sea. Each of the three, fast-paced sessions featured carefully curated playlists, promising to energise and motivate members as they moved through burpees, jump squats, mountain climbers, and more. 

All about the Brighton Wellness Weekend | Soho House
All about the Brighton Wellness Weekend | Soho House

In Conversation: Rochelle Humes and Dior Bediako
Dior Bediako, life coach and founder of Pepper Your Talk, sat down with TV presenter and entrepreneur Rochelle Humes for an in-depth conversation about family life, relationships and maintaining healthy wellness practices. In front of a packed audience, the pair discussed Humes’s career and daily routines, finding self-motivation and practical ways to boost wellbeing every day.

All about the Brighton Wellness Weekend | Soho House
All about the Brighton Wellness Weekend | Soho House

Brunch with Bettina Campolucci Bordi
Plant-based, gluten-free chef and founder of Bettina’s Kitchen, Bettina Campolucci Bordi, made brunch for members across the weekend, creating nutritious dishes that delivered on taste. The chickpea omelettes – prepared to order in front of members – proved particularly popular.

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