How Barcelona’s unique spirit inspired Marta Bonilla’s sculptural ceramics

ceramicist in their workshop

The ceramicist, designer and Soho House Barcelona member shares the creative influences behind her handcrafted Soho Home capsule collection.

By Megan Murray Video by Hector Ferreno Photography by Tara Rowse

Marta Bonilla has been designing for much of her life, but it was only a few years ago that she fell in love with ceramics after discovering the freedom that working with clay afforded her. ‘As soon as I got to know and try clay, I realised that it was material I wanted to keep experimenting with,’ she says. ‘I felt a connection with it and became obsessed with creating different shapes and objects.’

ceramics on shelf
ceramic on coffee table

Bonilla is mostly known for her Dona lamp – a large, striking base that’s finished with matt white enamel and topped with a hand-woven raffia shade. Her collection also includes vases, a butter dish, and a water pitcher. Each of her pieces pays homage to nature with an earthy colour palette and unfinished textures; an aesthetic that feels both fashionable and timeless. 

clay being sculpted
clay sculpting

‘I find inspiration in the beauty and simplicity of small details and art,’ says Bonilla of her influences, which range from the natural world and Barcelona’s architecture to Spanish painter Joan Miró. 

women sitting looking to the right
woman smiling on stool

One of Bonilla’s most prominent muses is the local landscape. Much of her work captures the city’s mix of nature and design, from the buildings to the beach. With terracotta tones and organic shapes, her pieces have the ability to transport you to the sun-streamed streets near her studio.

Every item is unique and has been designed and made by Bonilla in her studio. Her seven-piece capsule collection for Soho Home is available online now at in limited numbers. 

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