Introducing Soho Home’s new collection

Introducing Soho Home’s new collection | Soho House

Discover fresh furniture, textiles, lighting and accessories inspired by our Houses, all with reduced rates for members – and available exclusively to you now

Monday 5 February 2024   By Chloe Lawrance

New Houses mean lots of new design inspiration and our interiors’ team has been busier than ever over the past few months. As we prepare to open Houses in Portland, São Paulo and Manchester, the latest collection from Soho Home is landing – and it takes inspiration from these new destinations, as well as our existing outposts around the world. 

With pieces designed to create spaces that feel warm and inviting, the collection features statement materials, unique finishes and custom colours – and as a Soho House member, we’re inviting you to shop it before anyone else. Remember, members and Soho Friends enjoy 15% off all Soho Home products, with 20% off sale pieces and free delivery on small items year-round. 

Of course, it's not just about bringing these items into your home – it’s about how you style them, too. For members looking to recreate the style and atmosphere of our Houses within their own four walls, Soho Home Design is at hand. Our interior design team offers complimentary consultations, providing knowledge and guidance that’s tailored to members’ individual budgets and tastes. Here are a few easy tips to get you started.

Introducing Soho Home’s new collection | Soho House
Introducing Soho Home’s new collection | Soho House

1. Playing with colour

In each of the Houses, our team plays with a rich colour palette and differing patterns to create a distinctive design language. In Soho House Rome, olive green, warm red and sun-drenched yellow find their place; in Nashville, the green and blue detailing throughout the House is a direct link to the building’s history as a former sock factory and the teal colour of the aged verdigris copper found at the site. 

Soho Home’s new collection is similarly designed around a core 12-colour palette, unified across playful patterns and washes of colour. Furniture and textiles in complementary tones are designed to be layered together, with patterns and shades working seamlessly with one another.

Introducing Soho Home’s new collection | Soho House

Soho House Nashville


A standout in the new collection, the Amble Three Seater Sofa, is upholstered in cotton velvet and comes in 10 shades, including rust and camel. The sofa can be easily layered with similarly warm-toned pieces: the patterned Theodore Armchair, a solid oak chair with brass-detail arms and graphic Vende Jacquard upholstery, and the round Raya Rug, for example.

To start to put your own House-inspired mix-and-match aesthetic together, Soho Home Interior Style Manager Candy Murray suggests beginning with a hero patterned piece – a statement rug or bold upholstery, for example. ‘Then choose complementary colours and smaller scale patterns for furniture, cushions and accessories,’ she says. ‘This helps to balance out a space.’

Introducing Soho Home’s new collection | Soho House

2. Making a statement

Across the new collection, materials are used to make a statement without overwhelming a space. Colourful marble is designed to provide accents across a room or wider interior, contrasted by softer flatwoven rugs and linen textiles, or low, relaxed seating. Taking inspiration from orange marble in the reception at Soho House Paris, and Soho House Rome’s use of mixed terrazzo, the Charli Coffee and Dining Tables features lines of polished dark Emperador, green onyx, gold Carrara, and rosa tea marble, which come together in bold diagonal patterns. 

Introducing Soho Home’s new collection | Soho House
Introducing Soho Home’s new collection | Soho House

Soho House Rome, DUMBO House


In DUMBO House, Chiara Chandeliers hang from the ceiling and feature tiers of scalloped glass tubes, which are mouth-blown and hand-finished by skilled artisans. In the new Soho Home collection, the chandelier is given a green ombre makeover to create a statement in your living space. 

‘Furniture pieces can be both practical and a talking point in a room, like a marble coffee table in a sculptural shape,’ says Murray. ‘Let your statement piece sing by surrounding it with quieter shapes and fabrics.’

3. Embracing natural textures 

Soho Home’s design principles have always favoured mixing textures, fabrics and finishes to create unexpected styling combinations and give a unique expression to a space. This collection is no exception, as the team looks towards the interiors of many of our coastal Houses, including Soho Roc House, to explore natural finishes and textures. 

Introducing Soho Home’s new collection | Soho House
Introducing Soho Home’s new collection | Soho House

Soho Roc House


Materials such as natural travertine, supple leather and aged oak all play a big part in the new collection, and have been reinterpreted to bring a relaxed sensibility to pieces such as the Ramsey Dining Table. The table’s top is crafted from a filled, solid travertine stone, sourced from Turkey, with a raw edge to give an organic finish, to which the pedestal base in olive ash burl adds a textural contrast.

‘Consider your architectural finishes and the natural textures that will best complement them,’ Murray advises. ‘For example, a tiled or concrete floor can be warmed up with timber furniture in varying tones.’

Find out more and shop the new collection here. Members enjoy 15% off – simply log in using your membership details