Inside the Soho House art collection

The art of Soho House | Soho House

Our Global Director of Art Kate Bryan has shaped the range of works that hang in our Houses. With 8,000 pieces by more than 3,000 artists, it’s a museum-level assemblage

Thursday 5 October 2023 By Teo van den Broeke Photography by Jake Curtis and Mark Seelen Assisted by Tom Peppiatt Additional photography by Gina Soden, Giulia Venanzi, Ian Byers-Gamber, Chatchawan Jaksuwong

Since joining Soho House seven years ago, our Global Director of Art Kate Bryan has helped to amass a wide-reaching collection of work with which to populate the nooks, crannies and walls of our 41 Houses around the world. Bryan, who took over the curatorial role in 2016 from Francesca Gavin (and artist Jonathan Yeo before her), does not have a simple job. Each House hang must represent the city in which it resides; championing local and diverse voices in a way that feels both relevant and contemporary. Beautiful to look at, yes, but stimulating too. 

This is a big year for art at Soho House. We’re opening Houses in Mexico City and Portland later in 2023, and Bryan and her team are already building the collections for upcoming Houses in São Paulo, Glasgow and Manchester.

We sat down with Bryan to learn more about our forthcoming year in art, the future of the Soho House collection and what makes it so unique.