Acrylic on concrete: Meet the man behind our new murals at Sheung Wan Studio

Acrylic on concrete: Meet the man behind our new murals at Sheung Wan Studio | Soho House

Drawing inspiration from Cantonese pop and design, Hong Kong-based artist Ghost Mountain Field stops by Soho House Hong Kong to talk through his creative process

Tuesday 29 March 2022   Video by Hugo Cheng

Merging the visual pop culture that defined Hong Kong’s late colonial era with commentary of contemporary times, artist Ghost Mountain Field’s work is both an ode and a challenge to the city he resides in. 

With a distinct style characterised by his use of bold colours and refined brushstrokes, the Soho House Hong Kong team invited Field to create a series of murals for Sheung Wan Studio that speak to the city and neighbourhood. Located on the ground floor of the House, the Studio hosts a rotating exhibition featuring local artists and artisans, which have included Hong Kong Arts Collective, Man Lim Chung, and Zoe Yau.

Inconspicuous at first glance, Field’s murals named ‘Jointly’, take inspiration from traditional Chinese art styles. Unlike a lot of his work, he uses muted colours to give the pieces slight camouflage against the Studio’s bare concrete walls. Coupled with the considered and scattered placement, this gives wandering eyes a chance for serendipitous discovery.

To find out more about Field, watch the video above; for further details on Sheung Wan Studio, click here.

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