Danish artist Lulu Kaalund’s journey into the art of crochet

Lulu Kaalund's journey into the art of crochet | Soho House

Having collaborated on an installation for Soho House Copenhagen’s first birthday with Creator Projects, powered by Porsche, we spoke to the creative about her art

Wednesday 16 August 2023   By Yasemin Celepi   Photo credit by Nikolaj Thaning Rentzmann

To mark the one-year anniversary of Soho House Copenhagen, Danish artist Lulu Kaalund has created an art installation of a boat, which will be covered with her signature crochet artworks and docked in front of the club from Wednesday 23 to Sunday 27 August. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Kaalund’s work in Soho House – her pieces have been on display at our Cecconi’s restaurant in Copenhagen, where guests have regularly enjoyed her iconic bright colours and geometric patterns. 

The artist has previously produced clothes for Danish designer Ganni, but is most famous for her floor and wall-mounted pieces. Having worked on this special project with us, we caught up with Kaalund to learn more about her art.

Lulu Kaalund's journey into the art of crochet | Soho House

How did you get into crocheting?
‘I was working as an apprentice in a restaurant and was almost done with my apprenticeship, but then I fell in the shower and hit my head. I couldn’t do anything, so my mother-in-law at the time said maybe you could try to make some wash cloths with crochet, and she taught me how. I made one [piece] and it started to get bigger and bigger until I started to create my art. Now, I really like it and I’m very happy. If one day I don’t like it, I’ll have to move onto another material because it takes so much time.’ 

What inspires you and your art? 
‘I never went to art school, so I never learned the language for it. I’ve never been “trained” in art. A lot of things I make, I just make everywhere and anywhere, because I don’t have a studio and it just comes to me. For example, when I’m hanging out with all my friends or when it’s raining, I’ll just sit and crochet, and let it come in the moment.’ 

Who inspires you?
‘A Danish artist called Poul Gernes. He painted the Palads cinema in Copenhagen; it’s a big colourful building.’ 

What’s your favourite thing about the Danish art scene? 
‘It’s not competitive. Not a lot of people are crocheting, so I’m not competing with many people, because my art is a bit different. But, generally, it’s a nice community.’ 

Is there anything you’re looking to work on in the future? 
‘I’d like to make a book about colours: why different colours make each other better, why you would choose white and pink, why it’s so important, and all the details about colour. I spend a lot of my days thinking about it.’

Why did you choose a boat for the installation at Soho House Copenhagen?
‘I think it’s just nice to look at, everyone can walk by and appreciate it, and it’s not political, etc. For me, it’s about something that’s enjoyable and comfortable to view. It’s objective; you don’t need to make an opinion, it’s just there. I like my stuff to be enjoyed. And I think a boat makes sense, because it’s outside of the harbour, it’s a bit different and it’s not permanent. It’s nice to see something huge like that, and you can just go out, see it and then it can be transported to other places.’ 

How does Soho House champion artists? 
‘Soho House gave me the opportunity to do this and I feel super lucky; it’s a big project and I’m so excited. There is so much art in the spaces and it’s really great that so many people see it every day. Also, with the artwork of mine that’s in the House, it feels like somebody put a lot of thought into it instead of just pinning it up. I’m proud to be in Soho House when I look at it, because it’s presented in a really nice way. It makes me so happy.’ 

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