A local’s guide to Mexico City Art Week 2022

CDMX Art Week | Soho House

Torre De Sonido by Materia | Photo by Liz Zepeda

Antoinette V. Cárdenas, founder of culture consultancy social.experiment, selects her top picks

Wednesday 9 February 2022    By Antoinette V. Cárdenas

As art lovers across the world descend onto the Mexican capital this week, we asked CDMX local, Antoinette V. Cárdenas, to handpick the very best shows, fairs and exhibitions the city has to offer.

Salón Cosa
First up, we have Salón Cosa, a biannual gathering that showcases the very best of contemporary Mexican art and design. Based in the historic city centre at a former cantina, the site’s newly Comex painted walls are alone enough to start conversations. The art fair opens a day early on Tuesday 8 February, and will run through until the weekend – be sure to make your way over to Motolinía 32, Centro Histórico.

Subir Y Bajar
A group show by artist Cosmas and Damian Brown in partnership with base agency and MMGC, Subir Y Bajar highlights the merging of provocative edge, dark humour, and ephemeral design. Each artist selected will be exhibiting works based on themes of sexuality, the destruction of nature, and ritual, with totem-like structures and raw earthenware.
Intrigued? Opening from Wednesday 9 February at Casa Basalta Colima 159, Roma Norte.

Sometimes curiosity leads you to brilliant places. Cue Laguna, a creative compound of sorts that houses a host of Mexican entrepreneurs. LLANO is part of this thriving community who will be sharing the latest body of work by Tania Ximena. Additionally, the courtyard takes centre stage for a fun meet and greet moment at Calle Dr Erazo 172, Doctores.

A gallery that exhibits art in an approachable and affordable way, this year Mooni will be showing a series of pictorial portraits by artist Ángela Leyva. These pieces are based on the reinterpretation of the faces of different individuals contained in a digital clinical file belonging to Dr Leyva, her father.
On view from Thursday 10 February at Fernando Montes de Oca 43, Colonia Condesa.

CDMX Art Week | Soho House
CDMX Art Week | Soho House

Pictured above: Cubo (photo via Umbral), Daniela Elbahara Gallery | Carolina Fusilier (photo via Daniela Elbahara)

A conceptual one-stop destination cube containing design, art, gastronomy, lifestyle, and experiences nestled into Hotel Umbral. On Thursday 10 February, Daniel Orozco Estudio hosts a silent art auction to benefit LADLE (Los Amigos de la Esquina). Artists were given the studio’s infamous totems to remix it with their signature style for a thoughtful collaboration.
Get ready to bid on your favourite at Calle de Venustiano Carranza 69, Centro Histórico.
A new multidisciplinary space, where the best of Latin American fashion co-exists with art and design. Stepping into Coliseo’s line-up of designers – Sánchez-Kane, EGR, Raw and Montserrat Messeguer – positions the clothes on display like the works of art that they are. To prove it, they have an afternoon presentation and performance on Friday 11 February at Cordoba 113, Roma Norte.

Nadie Sabe, Nadie Supo 
If you’re in need of a dance party to process everything you’ve seen so far, join Onda MX, base agency, and Taller Nacional for a night of Noche Negra tunes. But also expect more art installations by Sombra, Maximiliano Rosiles, Celeste, and Cynthia Yee. Going strong from 6pm to 2am on Friday 11 February at Lucerna 32, Juárez.

CDMX Art Week | Soho House

Salon Cosa | Victor Barragán (photo via Salon Cosa)

CDMX Art Week | Soho House

Cosmas Brown (photo via MMCG)

Torre de Sonido
The physical expression of Materia magazine, Contexto, has orchestrated a grand sensory experience that will take place 35 minutes outside of the city, inside Torre de los Vientos: an iconic sculpture created by the Uruguayan artist, Gonzalo Fonseca, as part of Ruta de la Amistad that was built for the 1968 Olympics. Guests will be guided through historical context, architectural space, natural and urban environment, and the symbiotic relationship between sound and sculpture. There will also be performances by Mexican sound artists SITES, Sol Oosel, and Ramón Saturnino, presented by Sound+. Originally exclusive to Materia members, the experience has recently opened to the public. Secure your spot in advance for either day of the weekend here.

Casa Pani
Picture this: waking up in iconic architect Mario Pani’s 1962 home to Andres Ciccone’s art on the wall eating a recovery brunch hosted by the artist himself. This restored six-bedroom guest house (pictured at the top of the page) in Casa Pani makes this a reality. Whether you spend an afternoon perusing the space’s mid-century furnishings or stay overnight, a memorable experience awaits at Casa Pani Río Poo 14, Cuauhtémoc.

CDMX Art Week | Soho House

LLANO (photo via LLANO)

A few extra stops for good measure:
Daniela Elbahara Gallery, Calle Huichapan 1, Hipódromo Condesa 
Loot, Guanajuato 227, Roma Norte 
Salon Acme 9, (booth 21) Calle Gral. Prim 30-32, Juárez 
Originario, Colima 249 B, Roma Norte 

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