Vick Hope: ‘I wanted a playlist that encourages joy, but also reflection’

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The London-based member and radio DJ curates a list of songs to celebrate community during this historic cultural juncture 

As told to Aleah Aberdeen   Above image by David Titlow   Friday 24 July, 2020  Short read

‘I had the lyrics of “Black” by Dave on my banner at the Black Lives Matter march: “Black is beautiful, Black is excellent… It’s workin’ twice as hard as the people you know you’re better than”. This is a resounding sentiment that is underlying our society. 

‘People are realising what microaggressions are, and that Black people have to work harder to succeed. So much of this is normalised that we need to dismantle [it]. I am celebrating my culture with music; exhibiting things that people don’t usually think about, but are now being encouraged to. 

‘I wanted to have a playlist of songs that encourages joy, but also reflection. [We’re living in] a time where we can’t go out, but we can look in. A lot of this reflection has [centred on] BLM, Pride and things that maybe we don’t think about enough. Now, I actually am considering them and I’m glad – I feel enriched by it. 

‘The realisation of self-worth, feeling valued, special and unique is what I want us all to embrace with this playlist. I’m so glad people have taken the time for self-care and to learn to love their own company. To truly be present, and find peace and joy from being in the moment is such a powerful thing to do. I hope that, moving forward, we’ve all been given a new sense of perspective. 

‘Even though we’ve been imprisoned to some extent, learning to be comfortable in your own space [has felt] almost like a personal project – if you were lucky enough to be able to treat it that way. 

‘We don’t know what the future holds. You look at how quickly life and relationships can change and it can be unsettling, but music gives you a sense of community. It helps you to unpick your feelings or forget about them. Looking in for me is quite a sobering activity, but sometimes I just want to dance around my house and that’s something I take great joy from. 

‘I want us to feel empowered, but also happy; to be able to dance with yourself and love dancing with yourself. Everyone has songs that take them to another place. You put on an album and you’re like, “Oh yeah, why didn’t I do this sooner?”’


Listen to Vick Hope’s playlist for Soho House here.
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