Music manager Ben Mawson on the industry’s new introspective era

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The Tap Music cofounder and member manages some of the biggest names in the business, such as Dua Lipa and Lana Del Rey. Post pandemic and post BLM, he shares what it means to safeguard and support stars in this period of self-analysis

By Aleah Aberdeen    Images courtesy of Tap Management     Wednesday 26 August, 2020    Short read

Ben Mawson is an industry leader. This is not hyperbole, nor even just opinion, it is fact. He has helped manage the era-defining pop stars of this generation. And his company, Tap Music, which he cofounded with business partner Ed Millett, boasts a roster of some of the most recognised artist, producer and writer clients. These include Dua Lipa (multi-Grammy winning), Lana Del Rey (unparalleled fandom, Vogue cover star and Gucci muse) and Ellie Goulding (many times multi-platinum). Initially starting out as a music lawyer, Mawson became an expert in navigating label signings, ensuring his artists not only stay at the top of the charts, but also secure the best global deals. 

Shortlisted for Manager of the Year at the 2020 Music Week Awards alongside partner Millett – having previously won – Mawson has received praise from outlet