With his portrait series, member James Loxley documents life on the doorstep

A man woman and child sitting in front of their front door.

Annalisa Addison, Logan, Ritchie Foster; South London

A woman laughing and sitting in on a wall in front of her front door.

Storm Mollison; West London 

The London-based photographer shares a selection of photographs from his series, Doortraits, capturing friends at front doors around the city

By James Loxley  Images by James Loxley   Saturday 4 July, 2020   Short read

‘Noticing people outside but restricted to their doorstep caught my eye, as well as the variety of lockdown locations and circumstances people were in. I decided to combine my allotted exercise time with much-needed human interaction, and do something creative to document this period. 

‘Most of the photos are of friends I’d scheduled to see. It always started as a casual chat, because it was so nice to see a friend in person. Then, I’d take my camera out and begin snapping around them as we spoke. If I saw a certain angle or location I liked, I’d direct that. But, for the most part, the emotion was natural and related to what we were talking about – be that light-hearted or not.

‘Only a couple of shots are of people I don’t know, and it was pure luck that I captured them. I’d be on my way home after shooting a friend and have no excuse not to stop and ask to take a picture. 

‘I maybe have one or two portraits left to shoot that got postponed, but otherwise I have brought this to a close. As lockdown restrictions have eased and things start to resemble some sense of normality, it doesn’t feel necessary to continue.’



A person outside their home.

Richard Biedul; East London

A person outside their home.

Elle L; East London

A person outside their home.

Tiffany Sabrina Hamilton-Atkins; East London

A person outside their home.

Fleur Bell; West London

A person outside their home.

Colin Hubbard; North London

A person outside their home.

Cali White; West London

Two women outside their home.

Cecile Sinclair and Jesse De Core; East London

A person outside their home.

Valerie Ver Der Graaf; West London

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