An insider guide to Hong Kong’s buzzing food scene

ice cream in a bun

Two food fanatics from the Soho House family show you their favourite feasting spots in Hong Kong, from hole in the wall joints to high-end restaurants

By Rose Chiu and Ryan Pun   Monday 29 April, 2019

Punch in the keywords "Hong Kong Food Guide" and you will no doubt find a million and one results, which is why we asked our resident food lover and U27 membership manager, Rose Chiu (a.k.a @fatasslovesfood) and full-time F&B hustler and HK member, Ryan Pun, to help sort the wheat from the chaff.

Here, you’ll find the duo in conversation about their ultimate list of Hong Kong food favourites, from hole-in-the-wall to high-end.

a fork cutting into a chicken pie
1.Kam Fung Café  
Style: Hong Kong-style cafe 

Rose Chiu: Kam Fung is probably the most humble spot on this list, but it might also be the most popular one. 

Ryan Pun: It's excellent food at accessible prices. Also, Pineapple Buns with Butter will forever be one of the most decadent things in life. If you haven't tried one yet, make it your mission to come here the next time you are in Wan Chai.

RC: I love the Iced Milk Tea here. There are plenty of famous places that claim to have the best milk tea in town, but these guys hit a home run with theirs. The natural tannins of the tea; the sweetness of the evaporated milk, everything is in perfect balance.

RP: Final tip, if there's a wait and you can't wait, get a fresh Chicken Pie to go.

41 Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai
a torn open bao bun
dumplings and other dishes on restaurant table
2. Sun Hing
Style: Dim Sum

RC: Most people think of Dim Sum as a breakfast food, but this joint will satisfy your late night Lava Custard Bun cravings. 

RP: People-watching is a highlight here. Kennedy Town at three in the morning brings to the table a wild mixture of tipsy university kids, old minibus drivers waking up for their shift, and everything in between.

RC: And if you ever wondered what making Dim Sum looks like, the aunties here will be doing their prep work right in front of you.  Expect flour flying in the air and plenty of loud banging. 

Shop C, G/F, 8 Smithfield Road, Kennedy Town
a man putting a pizza into pizza oven
two pizzas
3.  Alvy’s 
Style: Pizzeria 

RP:  Just a couple minutes away from Sun Hing is another spot on my list, but they are worlds apart, and that's the very reason why Kennedy Town is my favourite neighbourhood - the diversity. Alvy’s is fun, casual, and serves up fantastic pizzas that can compete with classic slice shops in New York. 

RC: Before you ask why a pizzeria is on this list, I think it’s important to know that a good pie is a rare commodity in Hong Kong. This place brings back great memories from simpler times; a playlist filled with grunge, good local beer on tap, and fresh pizza from the oven. 

RP: The rotation of craft beer on tap is beyond solid, and the local brewing scene is popping, so there's no shortage of new flavours. This is my designated hangout right now.

RC: Try the "Bak Gwei" pizza if you’re feeling adventurous. You’d think Chinese barbecue on a pizza is a formula for disaster, but it actually works.

8 Holland Street, Kennedy Town
orange chicken in a bowl
hands picking up a pork belly bao
4. Little Bao
Style: Modern Chinese diner 

RC: May is a friend, but even if I didn't know her, I don't think I would be less obsessed about Pork Belly Baos and Green Tea Ice-Cream Baos.

RP: Plus - you might find me behind the bar over the weekends if you're lucky!

RC: It’s a great brunch spot, especially if you are not the fussy type. The seating is not the most comfortable, lining up is almost a given, but if your sole purpose is to find something delicious, then this is it.

RP: Don't miss out on their sharing plates. My recommendation would be Orange Chicken while they still have it on the specials, it's almost like all the best things about American-Chinese cuisine, and then putting it on steroids.

66 Staunton Street, Soho; 
a cut in half bao sandwich
5. Bread & Beast
Style: Sandwich restaurant with Hong Kong flavours

RP: I find it difficult to resist a Ngau Nam Sandwich from Bread & Beast even when I'm on a diet. What Chris has done, and is doing with that place, is off-the-wall.

RC: KONG is not on this list, but it's worth mentioning that they run this place as two different dining concepts that transform from day to night, so if you are going after the sun goes down, you'll be getting a separate menu.

RP: The place is not the easiest to find, but it's worth it, and you'll hang out for a bit once you arrive; sandwich in one hand, beer in another, just relax and enjoy it.

G/F, 3 Swatow Street, Hong Kong; 
wagyu beef in chopsticks
6. Ho Lee Fook
Style: Contemporary Chinese  

RC: We should probably bring back some Asian vibes before we hear complaints.

RP: I don’t think you can talk about modern Asian cuisine in Hong Kong without mentioning Ho Lee Fook. 

RC: You can find Instagram-worthy moments at every corner with their cool interior and decor, but life is not complete until you taste Jowett’s food.

RP: Especially the Roast Wagyu Short Rib. I usually don’t like to give chefs too much credit for using fancy ingredients, but if you pass me that plate, it’ll be licked clean by the next time you look. 

RC: Also, expect a lit soundtrack to be playing throughout the night. You won't get too much talking done here; it’s a place to party.

G/F, 1-5 Elgin Street, Soho, Central; 
a menu with tea and chopsticks
a series of dishes
7. Luk Yu Teahouse 
Style: Cantonese Teahouse

RC: How about we turn back the dial for a bit before we present the real heavy hitters. The heritage food spots in Hong Kong are either extremely overrated or criminally unheard of, but I feel like it's only right to share one that does the city justice.

RP: Luk Yu is that place for me. There is something comforting about sipping tea and eating dumplings in a building that's older than your parents.

RC: My mom is a regular and when I go with her, we get to sit in the downstairs area, but if I go alone, they will seat me upstairs. So you'll know when you reach VIP status.

RP: The quality of their dim sum goes without saying, but don't sleep on the Sweet & Sour Pork. Their iteration is my favourite in Hong Kong, if not the world.

24-26 Stanley Street, Central;  
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