Twenty-four hours in Barcelona

A roof terrace with plants and seating.
A woman having her picture taken in the reflection of a mirrored table.

Photographer Enzo Iriarte and his friend Aina García explore the city’s Gothic Quarter and Marina Port Vell during a weekend at Soho House Barcelona

Enzo and Aina stayed in room 34

A dining room interior with dining table.
A person drinking wine.
A bowl of food.
A reflection of a woman and a view in a window.
A plate of bruschetta.
Above: veggie tapas for lunch and views from inside the House 

‘From the Roof, we enjoy one of the best views of Barcelona’

See Barcelona through the eyes of photographer Enzo Iriarte, as he and his friend Aina García get lost in the Gothic Quarter’s cobblestone alleyways, take a moonlit swim on the Soho House Barcelona rooftop, and explore Ignasi Aballí’s new show at the Blueproject Foundation.

12pm: exploring the House

We arrive ready for the weekend. Rays of sunlight bathe the lobby and original ceiling arches; it feels like the sun is welcoming us. 

The Soho team takes us on a quick tour of the House, before we head up to the rooftop for a glass of Chardonnay and one of the best views of Barcelona. Soaking up the good vibes and music, we bump into a couple of friends who are having brunch and enjoy a catch-up in the sunshine.

2pm: check in

After getting lost on the stairs painted by Blanca Miró Skoudy, we reach room 34. The sun and the sea breeze enter as soon as we open the doors to the balcony. We immediately feel a sense of ‘je ne sais quoi’ that invites you to lie in bed and watch time pass through the window on a calm afternoon.

3pm: tapas on the Roof

We head to the rooftop for a quick lunch and snack on veggie tapas. Planning our route for the afternoon, we focus on rediscovering some of our favourite places in Barcelona and exploring areas near the House. 
A person standing in an art gallery.
A view down onto a road lined with palm trees.
Looking up at buildings half in sunlight.
Above, clockwise from top: Ignasi Aballí’s Without Image exhibition at the Blueproject Foundation; exploring the streets of the Gothic Quarter; the view from our balcony

5pm: visiting the Blueproject Foundation

This contemporary space features Ignasi Aballí’s exhibition Without Image – a curious mix of architecture and words that plays with perception.  

7pm: walking the Gothic Quarter

After a stroll in the park, we make our way through the city’s Gothic Quarter, admiring each street’s architecture, getting lost in charming alleys, and looking up at the tiny, ornate balconies. 

9pm: moonlight swim

Back at the House, we prepare for our favourite moment of the day: a late-night swim in the pool. Under water, the world stops for a moment.
A woman reading with a book in her lap.
A woman standing in a swimming pool at night.

‘Back at the House, we prepare for our favourite moment of the day: a late-night swim in the pool’

A view of a city out of a window.
A woman's reflection in a mirror.
Above, clockwise from top left: a quiet moment in our room; a late-night dip; Aina’s reflection in the mirror; looking outside our window 

11pm: dinner on the balcony

After drying off, we return to the bedroom and order risotto and two glasses of wine to enjoy out on our balcony. We leave the doors open afterwards and melt into bed.

10am: breakfast in bed

There’s nothing better than waking up to breakfast in bed, before bathing in the morning sun. A shower and several coffees later, we take our last walk before leaving, observing the walls that tell stories and corners of light that brighten our spirits.

‘There’s nothing better than waking up to breakfast in bed, then bathing in the morning sun’

Room service food on a tray on a bed.
A person with an open book on their lap.
A shirt hanging from a light.
A table next to an open french window.
An unmade bed.
Above: early morning in our room and breakfast in bed

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