Soho Fellowship

We offer memberships to people who can make a lasting contribution to the creative industries, but have a financial barrier

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Soho House champions the creative industries and empowers those who live locally to our Houses. We have clubs and Studios around the world designed for members to collaborate, get creative, and have fun. Our global membership opens members up to events and workshops that can spotlight their work and help them make meaningful connections.  

The Soho Fellowship programme gives complimentary Every House and Soho Works memberships to diverse creatives who have financial barriers to accessing our spaces. One Fellowship membership is awarded quarterly per House, chosen in conjunction with our global Inclusivity Board advisors. 

Memberships are awarded on merit, based on the strength of an impactful creative project that can be further progressed by having a Soho House or Soho Works membership.

Soho Fellows receive:
• A year’s complimentary Every House and Soho Works membership
• Special rates on food and drink during selected times
• Ongoing support from local membership teams and Inclusivity Board advisors to ensure their membership is used to its full potential, and that it supports their creative projects 
• An additional two years of membership post fellowship with 50% off membership fees
We require Soho Fellows to:
• Make progress with their creative project as described in their application
• Engage in both our digital and physical spaces
• Provide quarterly updates on how the programme is helping them achieve their goal 
• Attend quarterly cohort sessions
• Collaborate with us on content or programming to highlight their work

Become a Soho Fellow

Have a question about Soho Fellows?

In line with our pledge, Soho Fellowship is a programme for creatives from underrepresented or lower socioeconomic backgrounds whose work could benefit from access to membership.

Yes. If you are a high-potential creative experiencing a financial barrier to maintaining your membership, we’re happy to review your Soho Fellowship application.

Clicking the Apply here link above will take you through to a form that asks you to describe your current barriers and creative goals. You can also add supporting documents highlighting former or current work that you’d like to progress with while participating in the programme.

Our membership managers and Inclusivity Board advisors will review Soho Fellow applications quarterly, and award one membership per House, per quarter. Your application will be reviewed by the team at the House that’s closest to the home address you provided when applying.

If you have any further queries, please email