Soho Fellowship

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In partnership with Creative Futures Collective

Illustration by Emma Hall

Soho Fellowship is a self-led opportunity to progress a creative career or project, making use of the global Soho House membership and platforms to further your goals.

The programme provides a year of Every House membership for creatives from underrepresented or disenfranchised communities, who are facing financial barriers to accessing our spaces.

Fellows are looking to build a network, attend events and make use of the resources that being in Soho House spaces and connecting with other members can provide.

Applicants should already have begun their creative journey, with a project or career path where they can demonstrate that Soho House membership will help them take the next step. For emerging creatives looking to break into the industry, please see Soho Mentorship.

Soho Fellowship encourages the progression of an independent project or career within a beneficial environment. There are, however, opportunities for additional support or engagement during the programme; Fellows have access to regular check-in’s, mixer events in the Houses and introductions to both our Inclusivity Board members and creative industry leaders in our network.

Soho Fellows receive 

One year complimentary Every House membership, giving access to our Houses and events programming around the world 

Special rates on food and drink at certain hours 

Soho Futures mixers and events 

Programme requirements

Commit to progressing a creative project or creative career over the 12-month period

Provide regular status and experience updates 

Complete an impact survey at programme completion 

Eligibility criteria

Soho Fellowship invites applications from individuals from a wide range of creative disciplines, including visual artists, writers, poets, filmmakers, designers, musicians, composers and more. 

We welcome applicants who represent an array of perspectives, demographics and experiences. To qualify for Soho Fellowship you must be able to demonstrate barriers you’ve faced to progress in the creative industries and lack of financial resources to support membership currently. 

Apply for Soho Fellowship


Soho House and Creative Futures Collective have sole discretion in assigning places on the Soho Fellowship programme and reserve the right not to assign a place and/or to withdraw a place for any reason at any time prior to the commencement of Fellowship or following the assignment of Fellowship.

Kindness and respect, positive interaction and decent behaviour are our membership values at Soho House, and any complimentary membership shall at all times be subject to our House Rules found here


Soho House and Creative Futures Collective reserve the right to reject Soho Fellowship applications without further consideration or explanation.

Soho House has sole discretion in offering complimentary membership as part of Soho Fellowship, and reserves the right to amend or change the terms of this membership, and to remove it entirely.

In exceptional circumstances, Creative Futures Collective and Soho House, in their sole discretion may terminate an individual’s participation in the programme at any time.