Soho Apprenticeship

Our entry-level training programme that provides you with the practical skills, training, support and qualifications needed to start your career

Someone collecting vegetables outside

Soho Apprenticeship provides on-the-job training to support people with careers in hospitality, communications, retail, digital, people, and finance.

You will work full time in one of our sites or support offices with competitive pay and benefits, while undergoing a training schedule designed in collaboration with Soho House’s most experienced and longstanding leaders.

The programme includes curated professional development sessions from our leaders and select members, as well as access to a wide variety of additional training, mentoring, and a potential permanent role at the end.

Soho Apprenticeship is designed specifically for those with minimal to no experience or qualifications. We encourage applications from people across all backgrounds who embody our values of curiosity, inclusivity, connection, passion and respect to join the programme.

The application is designed to accept written, video, or audio submissions.