Raj Dhawan

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Our digital team is focused on improving the member experience through the SH.APP and other digital platforms

Tell us about what you do
As the CTO, it’s my job to create a state-of-the-art digital member experience, via the SH.APP, our website and in our Houses. In the past two years, we’ve built a digital platform that powers this and is unique to membership businesses. We’re now working towards making this platform modular to allow other MCG brands to onboard. Most recently, we’ve  created ‘hybrid’ experiences that blur the boundaries of digital and physical. Digital products including House Connect are furthering this vision. The Soho Digital team bring together expertise in software engineering, data, information technology, security and CRM systems, which come together as products: House Pay, Connect, table bookings, and so on. This work has collectively transformed the member experience.

How did you get here?
I trained as a software engineer before earning a PhD in artificial intelligence. I then spent 10 years at Accenture leading digital transformation programmes for large organisations before moving to CTO roles. The Soho House opportunity was hard to resist, and it hasn’t been short of what attracted me in the first place.  

On a personal front, I was born and raised in Delhi before moving to Sydney where I lived for 14 years. I moved to London five years ago for the love of the British weather.  

Where do you live?
I live between the commons in Battersea, where I’ve been since moving to London. We love the area for its green spaces, cafes, and great schools. 

Favourite food?
Italian and Indian. I also love cooking and have mastered butter chicken.

Favourite drink?
Skinny cap and Indian chai in the day, and Scotch whisky at night.

Who do you admire the most?
From a business perspective, Bill Gates. The way he started, what he did and what he’s doing now with his money is inspiring.

What’s your biggest achievement?
It’s hard to point to that one big thing – in fact, I rarely look back. I’ve had a great journey so far, both personally and professionally, and I’m grateful for that. 

And your biggest learning?
That you can’t please everyone.  

Favourite thing about working for Soho House?
I enjoy the impact that Soho Digital has made to the member experience in a relatively short time. My focus is now on our first digital-only membership.

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