Chris Thompson

Portrait of man standing

Our teams in the kitchen create menus that take inspiration from the local culture and food, while also offering House Regulars

Tell us about what you do
I’m currently the Executive Chef of Soho House Hong Kong.

How did you get here?
It was very spontaneous. I was travelling around Asia and got a call from Martin to join the Hong Kong team opening, and a few months later I was there.

Favourite food?
It has to be Thai, since I’m half Thai. Secondly, it would be a very traditional British fish and chips, as I was born in Grimsby by the seaside.

Favourite drink?
I’m really into drinking herbal teas at the moment to look after my health. But for something a little stronger, whisky is the way.

Who do you admire the most?
My wife, for her understanding and support for my career.

What’s your biggest achievement?
Opening various Houses and learning so much about operations from start to finish. Also, training new staff and watching them grow from pre-opening to a full operational House is a beautiful thing.

And your biggest learning?
Cooking different cuisines and the skills required for House openings.

Favourite thing about working for Soho House?
The team spirit from top to bottom.

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