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Soho House Membership

To apply for membership, prospective members need to complete an application form for the House closest to where they live or work.

Each applicant must be nominated by two existing members who can belong to any of the Houses.

Upon its receipt, the application will then be reviewed by the appropriate club’s Membership Committee, who meet approximately every three months. Those applicants selected to become members following each meeting are notified via email. Those who are not immediately successful will be added to a waiting list and reviewed at each subsequent meeting.

Application does not guarantee acceptance.

Types of membership we offer include:
LOCAL HOUSE: Access to your local House only.
EVERY HOUSE: Access to all Houses globally.

In addition we offer an Under 27 Membership, both Local and Every House, which extends a discounted rate until the member’s 30th birthday. Please note applicants must be under the age of 27 when their membership is accepted. Any House with a pool also offers a Child Membership for members’ children wishing to use the pool.

See below for information on Local House membership:
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Babington House
Electric House
Soho House New York
Shoreditch House
High Road House
Soho House West Hollywood
Soho House Berlin
Soho Beach House Miami
Little House Mayfair
Soho House Toronto
Soho House Chicago
Soho House Istanbul
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