Studio Guidelines

Our Studios are private places
Our Studio spaces are social spaces for members to create relationships and collaborate. However members’ privacy is important so therefore, posting about fellow members on social media is not allowed.

Keep it casual
We’re a members’ club for people working in the creative industries and we have a relaxed dress code. Please make sure your guests know this, too.

Guests are welcome
Studio members can sign in up to three guests at any time. You are responsible for your guests’ behaviour, so please keep an eye on them and make sure they call it a night when you do.

First come, first served
There’s generally no need to book ahead of your visit to the Studios, but we advise planning ahead when we host larger events and pop-ups.

We don’t allow animals in our Studios, except for assistance dogs.

Illegal substances
Any member found to be buying, selling, using or possessing illegal drugs while on the premises will have their membership terminated.
These are general guidelines for the Studios, please refer to our full terms and conditions for further details.
If you have any questions, please feel free to speak to our reception and member relations teams – they’re always happy to help.