Soho House Foundation

We believe that talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not

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The Soho House Foundation exists to provide resources to fund and empower creatives from underrepresented and lower socioeconomic backgrounds

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Soho House has always brought people together to share ideas and help each other flourish

The creative industries today don’t accurately represent our society. Unrepresented groups in the creative economy, based on ethnicity or socioeconomic background, face barriers to succeed. 

As a global membership platform for creatives, we can see first-hand the benefits of providing opportunities for diverse talent to flourish. We’re passionate about using the knowledge and network we’ve built over more than 27 years to open doors in the industry for people who are otherwise shut out.

The Soho House Foundation is an independent charitable entity set up by Soho House. The company has pledged to make an annual donation, contributed as a portion of Soho House membership revenue.  

The foundation aims to fund and empower more creatives to flourish by providing grants to organisations working worldwide. We believe in a world where being a successful creative is a viable life choice, not just a privileged one, and we’re excited to partner with programmes making that a reality.

We will also donate funds to support our local communities and aid disaster relief.

We’re passionate about opening doors for creatives

All about our efforts to empower creatives

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Funds to support our local communities and aid disaster relief

Focusing on our community endeavours

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The Soho House Foundation has been registered as a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) since 1 June 2022, registered with charity number 1199179