Meet our Soho Works workmate, Dominique Pierrot

A woman smiling sat on a sofa

We caught up with the Los Angeles Works member and founder of This Is Freedom Style, a styling company that looks to highlight each person’s individuality

Local Soho Works: 9000 Sunset, Los Angeles

We’ve had an interesting year – what’s inspiring you at the moment?
‘I’ve been enjoying researching real-estate investment strategies with family and friends. Everyone around me is into real estate these days. It’s inspiring when someone in my tribe buys a home #generationalwealth!’

What are your three essentials for a productive day?
‘My to-do list, computer, and music.’

What are you currently working on?
‘I’m looking at adding e-commerce to my pre-existing virtual styling company.’

Proudest achievement?
‘Getting my first check consulting for an entertainment company. A goal of mine has been to work with more entertainment clients, so it was a proud moment when I saw my first payment. It motivates me to keep going.’

Favourite quote/ words to live by?
‘Get it done.’

What’s your favourite area to work in at Soho Works?
‘The loft area – I love the circular cosy blue sofa. I enjoy working in comfortable conditions.’