Chid Liberty

A man and a woman embracing at a party

The Soho House New York member and Liberty & Justice cofounder shares his tips for building a brand from the ground up

Chid Liberty is the cofounder and CEO of Liberty & Justice, Africa’s first Fair Trade Certified™ apparel manufacturer. Born in Liberia and raised in Germany and the United States, Liberty launched Liberty & Justice in 2010 to provide economic opportunities for Liberian women and their communities. Since then, the company has managed to overcome various challenges, including the 2014 Ebola outbreak, and it now operates a network of ethical factories in Liberia, Ghana, and Benin.

Here, Liberty shares his top tips for building a brand from the ground up.

Be authentic
‘I know it has become a cliche, but this is really rare and I thank my sister Beatrice Dixon (also a Soho House member and founder of The Honey Pot Co) for giving me license to be even more authentically myself. She da realest, 100% of the time, no matter what – and it’s beautiful.’

Be generous
‘Among the most generous people I know – also a Soho House member – is my brother Richelieu Dennis, the founder of Sundial Brands. Whether it’s popping ridiculous bottles of wine to celebrate life or just spending time to learn about your new business, Rich is among the most generous people I know and it makes him magnetic.’

Be purposeful
‘My dude Emmet Dennis (also a Soho House member, and now a film producer and investor) created a platform for his family business to invest in women in Ghana, West Africa – not because it would make their brands more profitable, but because we need to stop looking at Africa as either a charity case or a place to extract resources from. The real answer, as Emmet will tell you, is in partnership with people centered around mutual purpose. By the way, by taking this approach, his company became more profitable.’

Be a community builder
‘My man Stanley Lumax (founder of African Chop House and a Soho House member) brings people together to just share African food and conversation. The magic that comes out of that simple act of community building can’t be measured. I’ve made new friends, discovered new business opportunities, and learnt about new dope brands all just by being in the community he curated. All of those people and experiences then remind me of Stanley and the debt of gratitude I have to him.’

Be the light
‘My wife Georgie Badiel Liberty (founder of the Georgie Badiel Foundation and a Soho House member) lights up every room with her laughter and spirit. No one forgets meeting her because they sense a deep joy and gratitude in her spirit that is otherworldly. Georgie is somehow both ridiculously humble and fully shining all the time. It’s a divine paradox.’