Elixir Nahar

A woman stood in front of a red wall

The Soho House Mumbai member, marketer for Bumble India and fitness enthusiast shares her morning routine

‘I’m from Bangalore, and currently live between there and Bombay. I’m on the Bumble India marketing team, handling partnerships, experiential marketing, and social. I’ve also been hosting and presenting since I was 19 – from events to launches to red carpets and video content. I love talking and being on stage, and I think holding a mic is so powerful. I’m also a fitness enthusiast and I’ve been part of the Puma India family for two years and counting. Call me biased, but my favourite Soho House is my local House (and the one I spend the most time at): Soho House Mumbai. It’s a special feeling to walk in there, feel at home on every floor, and be on first-name terms with the wonderful staff and management. And those views!’

‘2020 has allowed me to have an extensive morning routine, which I’ve grown quite fond of. I’m usually up by 8am, lounging in bed checking Slack and my emails until 9am. So, if you receive an email from me at 8am, it was probably scheduled the night before because I’m a serial email scheduler.

‘We work across time zones at Bumble, so some nights we tend to be up late. Since I spend my evenings exercising, I usually wake up with my muscles feeling a bit tight. But once I’m out of bed, I spend some time foam-rolling or stretching. Then, I dive into my routine of oil pulling, brushing my teeth, and working through a six-step skincare regime.

A woman on a playing field in workout gear

‘By now the laptop is open and my first task is to check the Bumble social calendar for the day, while looking for a fun Slack emoji to say good morning to the team. Aloe, amla and wheatgrass juice is my go-to first thing in the morning, followed by fruit. I usually eat my first meal after 11am. In 2019 this used to happen at 9am – how times have changed.

‘I tend to have muesli, or sourdough and eggs, or dosa. I’m also obsessed with coffee and my AeroPress. By 12pm, I have a fair idea of when I’m going to be able to exercise and that gives my work day some structure. 

‘My weekend routine is quite similar, but there are face packs involved. On mornings when there are NBA games, it all starts two hours earlier and includes a potential half-time nap.’