Talal Benjelloun and José Luis Onieva

Two men looking at the camera

The Soho House Barcelona members and founders of White Mirror Studio share their tips for video marketing

Talal Benjelloun and José Luis Onieva, the founders of White Mirror Studio, believe that the first aspect of quality video production should be good storytelling. ‘A good story will always inspire its audience, and in film-making it works exactly the same as in any other forms, or ways of telling a story,’ they say. ‘We came across this quote from Terry Pratchett [the fantasy novelist] that says, “People think that stories are shaped by people. In fact, it’s the other way around.” And that’s exactly how it works in film-making.’

‘Apart from capturing beautiful images, taking care of the movements, the transitions between frames in post-production, the music, the audio effect and so on, there are other ingredients that are so important in order to make real storytelling videos’

The perfect ingredients for a good story in video:

Data about the audience
‘All the data you can get about the demographic of your audience, their customer journey, their preferences, and trends... etc.’ 

The story
‘Here it could be tricky. Depending on the purpose of the video, you would want to tell the story of the founders, or how it’s made, or the people using a certain service/ product. So, picking the right story to tell is key.’

Purpose/ business goal
‘A production without a purpose has literally no meaning, so whether you are looking at inspiring your audience, promoting a brand, or selling a specific product or service, defining the purpose is vital since it will be the driver of the whole production and post-production.’ 

Film making
‘Well, this can be a whole different article, but in short, it’s your ability to produce good clips, mix it with some effects, music, and text.’ 

Watch White Mirror Studio’s reel here