Alejandra Perini

A woman trying to open a stool

The product designer and Soho House Barcelona member shares five of her favourite projects

Two coloured perspex stools
Some coloured stones

‘Aura is a family of three vases made out of stainless steel. The peculiarity of this collection is the presence of visible welds along the vases, giving each piece its own unique identity. These welds are to be interpreted as scars, or accepted imperfections, which reveal a shading of colours in constant change. They tell the story of the object.’

The Table Knife Project
‘This project was designed in collaboration with Prosper Riba for Florentine Kitchen Knives with the purpose of raising money for El Llindar foundation. The foundation supports young people who have found themselves outside the mainstream education system by teaching them how to become cooks and front-of-house professionals in the hospitality industry.
‘The idea is to embrace the craftsmanship of the blade and emphasise its aesthetics. Glass as a material for the handle transfers the message for a precious tableware object that needs to be used with care.’

Object subject 01
‘This is a collection of acrylic vases designed for the brand Disco Rojo. Every colour, material and shape aims to resemble the kinesis of nature. Every piece is handcrafted with great detail, allowing us to experiment and provide character to each of them.’

Nearo stool
‘Nearo is a flat-pack product that was designed with Josep Duran and wastes no material. Assembly is effortless and it does not require screws or glue.’

Templo candles
‘While I don’t have a photo, I really love the collection of candles I designed for Octaevo. It’s a family of five candles inspired by imaginary objects from the altars of ancient mythology.’