Lia Porcelli Jørgensen

A woman holding a trainer

The Danish-American citizen and Nike Ekin shares her packing essentials for any trip

Soho Beach House Miami member, Lia Porcelli Jørgensen, is a dual citizen of Denmark and the US, and she has lived in both countries throughout her life. She is currently based in Miami, where she works for Nike as an Ekin – a role that she calls her ‘dream job’. ‘Ekins form a special team within the ranks of the company and are often located in many of the big cities around the world,’ she says. ‘We work as storytellers, product gurus, and community leaders.’

As a Miami local, Jørgensen loves spending time at Soho Beach House. ‘The location, the interior, the pool, the beach, and overall vibe – it can’t be found anywhere else,’ she says.

Here, Jørgensen takes us through her packing essentials for any trip – whether she’s going back home to Denmark or travelling within the US.

Workout clothes
‘I’m an athlete at heart, so it’s important for me to start every morning with a workout or run, therefore I need my gym clothes and my Nike Epic React trainers. They’re injury-prevention shoes and are my go-tos.’

Disposable camera
‘I grew up in a creative household with my mom, who is a writer, and my dad, who is a photographer, so I always have a certain need to create. One way I do that is by always having a little disposable camera with me. I love that you only have one chance to get the shot, and it makes me so happy to see all the developed pictures – as if I captured a memory.’

A piece of home
‘I also always wear a cross necklace that my grandmother gave me. It’s my little piece of home wherever I go in the world.’

Pen and notebook
‘As I mentioned before, I grew up in a creative household and my mom would always have us write and draw in notebooks, which she still has all over the house. So, my last items would be a pen and notebook, as the habit of writing everything down has stuck with me – whether it’s a personal project or one for work. It helps me sort through my thoughts, goals, and dreams.’