Kesang Ball

A woman relaxing on a wall with palm trees behind her.

Shoreditch House committee member and Trippin Co-Founder Kesang Ball shares her packing musts for any trip

Try a sleep aid
‘My first would be the Trippin LSD (Lucid Sweet Dreams) sleepy oil, or some natural oil alternative to help me get to sleep if I’m doing a long-distance trip. Our oil completely sold out, but stay tuned for a re-up coming soon.’

Download a podcast
‘I can’t go anywhere without my Beats studio headphones and a good podcast (I’ve recently finished listening to Wind Of Change, which is all about how the CIA allegedly wrote the lyrics for one of the biggest rock ballads and the soundtrack to The Soviet Union revolution – it’s madness).’
A man and a woman riding a scooter.
Black coloured travelling items.
Read up
‘If I’m travelling, I make sure to at least pack one good book. I’m currently reading Design Justice, published by MIT, which is focused on an approach to design that is led by marginalised communities and aims explicitly to challenge, rather than reproduce, structural inequalities.’ 

Keep exploring
‘Lastly, you can’t travel anywhere without logging into the Trippin website to find locally curated guides from creatives in more than 100 destinations, so you can tap straight into the good stuff and get off the beaten track.’