Frederick Jewson

A man holding a large camera on his shoulder in a car

The Soho Farmhouse member and videographer shares his four favourite films of all time

The Wolf Of Wall Street 
‘As a 1990s baby, I loved the 1980s. The film is a brilliantly eccentric journey, accompanied by a perfect cast. You simply get sucked into the masterful storytelling and equally brilliant characters. It’s also rather relevant with the uptake in lockdown traders.’

‘It’s timeless, and far better than its modern counterparts. Films of this era teach us the lesson that less is more. There are no desensitising VFX; instead, there is tension, excitement and, ultimately, a greater risk or reward. It’s also shot on an Arriflex, which is a camera I’m eager to use – honourable Arriflex mention goes to Apocalypse Now.’

‘Christopher Nolan has the brilliant ability to ground things that are extremely abstract. As a viewer you’re slowly overwhelmed by the grandeur and ever-increasing significance of each moment. He has evidently learnt the lesson films like Alien have taught us.’ 

Blade Runner 2049
‘Alongside Mad Max: Fury Road, this was one of my favourite cinema experiences I’ve had at the Farm; it was truly spectacular. I’d have happily sat through an extra three hours simply for the enjoyment of the legendary DOP and composer combination. The bad thing is, I don’t think I could watch this anywhere other than in a cinema. I can only hope it’s shown at the Farm again.’