Bryony Taylor-Edwards

A woman standing outside with her hands on her hips.

The Soho Farmhouse member, brand consultant and founder of Fletcher Rose, shares her tips for building a successful company from the ground up

Think small

‘Yes, really. Delight a small group of dedicated followers and they will help you build your brand. If you try to please everyone, you’ll end up pleasing no one.’

Keep your customers in mind

‘Imagine that your customers are your board of directors. Keeping them happy has to be your number-one priority.’

Question: are you unique?

‘Make sure you are. Create a unique brand proposition. It will be the cornerstone of all your marketing communications. Get this right and you will never lose sight of your business goals.’

Always think about what problem you are trying to solve

‘Figure this out first, then build your branding campaign around it.’

Your brand is your reputation

‘Guard it with your life.’

Don’t ever forget: your customers define your brand

‘Make sure your actions match your rhetoric.’

‘Lastly, do message if you need any help or advice. We are always happy to chat over ideas. Follow me on Instagram for lots of tips and advice: @fletcherandrose