Glynn Pogue

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The DUMBO House founding member and Black Girls Texting co-host takes us through her Self Care Sunday routine

Glynn Pogue is a writer and educator from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Named one of Brooklyn Magazine’s 30 under 30, her writing has been featured in National Geographic Traveler, Vogue, Travel Noire and Essence, among others. She is currently working on a collection of essays on race, class and travelling while Black – topics she regularly discusses in her podcast Black Girls Texting

As a founding member, DUMBO will always be her favourite House. ‘The view is so damn stunning. Where else can you laze out on a cabana with the Brooklyn Bridge in front of you?’ she says. ‘I especially appreciate the diversity of the House – from the members to the programming.’
Here, Pogue takes us through her typical Self Care Sunday – an idea that she and her Black Girls Texting co-hosts explore every second Sunday on IGTV.

1. ‘Plenty of time to laze in bed is essential. I’m always jumping up and running out of the door every day. So, on Sundays I like to give my body a chance to wake up at its own pace. I’ll still wake up earlyish – around 8am – but I’ll lay in bed reading or thinking until I feel ready to move. Self Care Sunday is about taking my time.’

2. ‘Next is something bomb for breakfast. I love to cook, but Sundays are an “ordering in” type of day. I go for a spread: coffee, a smoothie, some type of bowl situation with a poached egg, and always potatoes.’

3. ‘I typically record my podcast, Black Girls Texting, on Sundays. Even though it’s work, recording is soul-filling. Last Sunday we had this incredible multi-generational dialogue, and I was on the biggest high afterwards. Doing something productive that also brings me joy is really satisfying and is a form of self-care for me. While I’m still in semi-work mode I’ll make my to-do list for the week. Having the clarity of a plan puts my mind at ease.’

4. ‘After that, I’m hitting the couch with a pile of pillows and blankets to get cosy and catch up on all my shows. Right now, I’m bingeing Lovecraft Country and Industry.’

5. ‘Pre-COVID, I used to go to restorative yoga at a studio in my neighborhood every Sunday. It was always a magical experience, being in a candlelit room with all these other folks who’d committed an hour to themselves to get their minds right for the week. The energy was always so positive. Lavender oil would be burning and we’d twist into low stress poses and just breathe. I need to recreate this at home because it was everything.’

6. ‘I’ll cook myself something nice for dinner and drink some wine. Before bed, I have a hot shower and do a multi-step skincare routine. All the serums come out on Sundays. If I’m being really good to myself, I’ll go to bed without my devices and rub some essential oils on my temples to help lull me into a deep sleep.’