At Home With: Solange Azagury-Partridge in Somerset

woman with legs crossed on arm of sofa in room with lots of patters

The London jeweller invites us into her vibrant home near Babington House

By Phoebe Frangoul   Monday 23 September, 2019

From Glastonbury Tor to Jane Austen's beloved Bath and our very own Babington House, Somerset has always held a fascination for creative types. It's why jeweller Solange Azagury-Partridge spends as much time as she can at her country escape, a jewel box of a house hidden in the green hills of this beguiling corner of England. Here, Azagury-Partridge welcomes us into her topsy-turvy home, a Wonderland-esque warren of colourful rooms, prints and patterns, and shares the secrets of her Somerset sanctuary.
kitchen sink surrounded by plates
a country cottage and garden
What made you fall in love with the house?
We’ve had the house for nine years – finding it was like a fairytale. It even has a turret. I first saw it while driving in the rain when it was pitch black and I still loved it. It’s in a tiny hamlet with a schoolhouse, a church and this was the coach house. It’s quite higgledy-piggledy and it’s been added to over the years. It wasn’t in my style but it was solid and well maintained.

How did you set about making it your own?
The first thing we did was to paint the whole house pink. Then it was a process of layering. And the kitchen was actually the garage and we only did the knock-through three years ago. It’s a gradual process and constantly evolving.
kitchen and dining room with exotic prints
When does cosy become clutter?
Clutter to some is minimalist to others. I’m sure my home is quite busy for a lot of people, but it can never be too busy for me – I can never have enough pattern or colour. It’s about your own taste and what makes you happy. You can mix periods and styles. I don’t think there are any rules.

Do you have many vintage pieces?
I hardly have anything new. This chair’s been to Paris with me, to London, and now it’s come here. I don’t think it’s a real Eames – I got it off a skip. It’s had three different types of cover. If something’s got good bone structure – and a lot of old pieces do – you hold onto it.

What accessories make a home for you?
I love a lamp with a barley-twist stem and a beautiful lampshade. I love mohair throws and a lovely candlestick – you can never have enough candles.

How has travelling impacted your style?
I remember going to a friend’s house in Paris and they had fabric on the walls. I was quite young and it really made an impression on me. It felt so luxurious, comfortable and rich. And now my house is covered in fabric. I just nailed it onto the walls – I could strip it all off, lift up my rugs and it would be as if we were never here. It’s like a set: I could recreate this space anywhere because I’ve got all the elements I’d ever need.
patterned pillow on yellow sofa
double bed by window with shutters open with vibrant patterns everywhere
Do you have a favourite room?
I love my bedroom: it’s like waking up in heaven. It’s the light, the fabrics I’ve used, the view of the garden, the way the sun comes in. When I wake up in there, I just feel so happy. When I decorated my shop for the first time, I said it was like a jewellery box. I think this house is a little jewel in its own right.

What do you love about Somerset and this part of England?
Somerset has a really mythical vibe. It’s Avalon and Camelot; it’s the rolling hills and beautiful landscape. A lot of our friends have moved here – even my son now lives in Somerset permanently. There are a lot of like-minded people. We’ve got Babington, Hauser, At The Chapel – all these incredible, very sophisticated places. We’re spoilt for choice. 

Did the landscape inform the house’s design?
Whatever the weather, this place makes you feel like you’re in a summer field. When the weather’s gorgeous, it’s lovely to have the windows and the doors open and let nature and the outside in.

Images by Milo Brown
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