Inside Soho House Chicago’s clubs within a club

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To facilitate collaboration outside of normal House events, one member relations manager created something new: in-House clubs

Video by 7A Films   Monday 4 November, 2019

‘A lot of us are so consumed in our own practice, it’s kind of difficult to meet other people,’ says Soho House Chicago member Felton Kizer. It’s not an uncommon sentiment: the unorthodox schedules and constant hustle that comes with being a creative can make it difficult to strike the right work-life balance, let alone connect with others.

It was with this very fact in mind that member relations manager Megan Spain pioneered the first in-House Music Club in 2016: to bring like-minded members together in a way that facilitated socialisation beyond normal House events. And the idea caught on: soon, film, writing, fashion, photography, tech and visual arts clubs were born.  

In SHC Clubs, members meet industry peers, and often go on to collaborate. ‘Film Club opened up a million doors for me,’ says member Carly Glenn. ‘I met my producer through Soho House. I met my DP through Soho House.’ Beyond individual projects, SHC Club members also work on collective projects, such as Music Club’s annual mixtape.

In 2019, that spirit of collaboration reached new heights with the development of SHC Collective — a showcase that combines the creative talents of each SHC Club under one roof — and next year, it will continue with 48-hour film projects, the launch of a House Band and more. If you’re in Chicago, join SHC Club members on November 11 to learn how to get involved. 
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